‘Bring Me In’ This November Is For Women Of Colour In The Arts

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For the past year, The S+K Project has been running a series of networking events called Bring Me In for creatives of colour to get together, share ideas, make connections and learn from others in the industry.
The next Bring Me In which is holding November 26 is a hugely exciting, all-day event with film screenings, creative writing workshops, poetry readings, visual arts installations, theatre Q&As, panel discussions and live music – all aimed at supporting and celebrating the work of WOC in the arts.

The Founder of The S+K Project Malakai Sargeant, who has been running Bring Me In for about a year explains why this particular episode of Bring Me In is dedicated to WOC in the arts. “The next Bring Me In, The Big One is going to be a madting – there’s no other way to describe it. We are dedicating our final one of the year to all Women of Colour, not only because they have supported S+K on our journey from the very beginning, but because of how talented, passionate and dedicated to their craft they are. We understand just how difficult it can be being a woman in this society: adding to that being a woman who is neither white nor middle class, it’s easy for us to see just how difficult it is to exist, let alone within the creative industry. That’s why we wanted to end the year with an all-day special celebrating and nurturing WOC who are emerging and established in their various fields, highlighting the struggles that come with being a BAME womxn artist, but equally celebrating the triumphs and success. The day will feature an art therapy brunch, workshops, live music, discussions, an exhibition, a pop-up creative market and so much more – all led by or featuring a WOC, and is open for all to take part in, learn from and enjoy. Don’t play yourself by pretending you’re busy (it’s on a Sunday, after all) and make sure you come! It’s going to be a beautiful end to the first year of our #BringIns.”

Bring Me In for Women of Colour

So, on November 26 The S+K Project will be running their first Bring Me In aimed solely at WOC working in the arts. The focus is on well-being and mental health in the creative industry and how we can learn to support each other.
Join other WOC in the arts at Hackney Down Studios, Amhurst Terrace, London E8 2BT

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