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3 Benefits of Using Transcreation Services for Your International Company

As a business leader, it will be your job to help improve the company’s efficiency and grow it successfully. Something that many businesses get wrong is expanding globally without careful thought and planning. 

Some businesses rush into these international expansions before thinking about the cultural differences between where they are now and where they want to expand. There is a key difference between translation and transcreation, which some businesses don’t pay attention to.

However, it is important that you understand the differences between these two types of translation before expanding. We will use the same marketing example to make it easy. Simply put, translating refers to the actual translation of a marketing campaign, whereas transcreation is translating a campaign in a way that culturally works. This means that you don’t just physically translate a campaign, you alter it to make more sense in the culture of where you are advertising.

Now that you know the difference between translating and transcreation, you will be able to understand the specific benefits your business will get from transcreation. Continue reading to get started. 

Transcreation can increase sales

When your business is more accepting of multiple cultures, this will eventually be showcased in your sales. This won’t exactly be an overnight change, but it is a change that will pay off. If you are looking to increase sales in a different continent especially, it will be important to understand how to talk to consumers here and how they usually purchase products. 

You may find that the traditional means of sales and service points will be different here. When you understand how to approach transcreation, you should start seeing your sales increase. It will be vital that you work with local sellers and suppliers in a way that works for both parties before starting to develop your own selling platform when you feel ready.

Transcreation helps you increase your understanding of different cultures’ marketing approaches and increase the overall acceptance of your business. Particularly, it can help persuade your target market to purchase from you over competitors. You must work with experts that can provide you with transcreation services. Brightlines Translation is one such group of experts who can help you grow your global brand. They can assist you in bringing creative ideas to new cultures, helping improve overall sales. 

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Improves your marketing

A large part of transcreation is to improve your overall marketing. Consider famous worldwide brands, such as Apple, Google, or Mcdonald’s. If you go to any other country, you will find that the way these brands advertise differs. 

If they did the same blanket advertising campaign across the globe, translated or otherwise, the message will not be clear. It’s essential that as you reach out to more and more countries to sell your products, you consider transcreation services. Your global marketing and translation should have a close relationship to ensure that your strategy is on point. This will help your marketing campaign to become successful and grow overall sales as a result.

Marketing can be a difficult skill to get right at the best of times, especially if you’re trying to make an emotional connection or try and add humour. It could be insulting or even patronizing if you miss the mark with humour in your marketing. 

This is why you shouldn’t simply translate your marketing efforts but instead look to understand the culture and alter your marketing strategy. As mentioned above, there will be expert transcreation services available to help you with exactly this. 

It’s important to note that improving your marketing will help improve your overall brand image. The purpose of marketing is to create an accurate and accepted brand image for your business, with transcreation services helping to create a global brand image. If you get your translation wrong with your marketing efforts, this can set you back years, especially if you misunderstand the culture.

Helps with expansion 

While transcreation can help you improve your sales and marketing, it will also be an important platform for your expansion efforts. In particular, it will be useful to your expansion efforts if you’re looking to grow the size of your business.

Any business that wishes to become global will need to understand transcreation to maximise its efforts. You need to think about other things when growing your business, such as planning the overall expansion and how you will fund it.

It is also worth thinking about if you will need a new physical space or need to hire staff to meet demand. If it turns out that you do indeed need to open a new space and hire staff, then it will benefit you to consider working with local experts.

This means hiring local staff and working with local businesses to give you everything you need in this new area. In some cases, you may not even need to hire new staff for an expansion, especially if you are only expanding online. 


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