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3 Ladies And An Animation Studio: Jess, Emily And Michaela Of Mighty Oak Studio

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What happens when you put three incredibly talented women, who are obsessed about storytelling and animation in a place? – Mighty Oak Studio!
One of our favorite pastimes is bingeing on Cartoons and Animation. Interestingly, one of us has a daily routine of watching an episode of her favorite Animation series before she envelopes herself with work. So, when we found out about Mighty Oak, we were pretty excited and drowned in the content on their website, crazy about the fact that it is run by women.
Mighty Oak Grows is a creative studio that specializes in hand-made animation and documentary videos. Whether telling stories for their clients or creating their own original content, the award-winning studio connects with audiences by sharing stories that are hard to explain any other way.

Jess, Emily and Michaela's Feature on Mashable.

Jess, Emily and Michaela’s Feature on Mashable.

Mighty Oak Grows is run by 3 women: Jess Peterson, Emily Collins and Michaela Olsen. Jess Peterson, the CEO, has worked in music and the visual arts, helping brands and musicians find their voice. A couple of her past speaking engagements about storytelling, creating content, and entrepreneurship including workshops at General Assembly, Etsy, Spotify, IFP’s Screen Forward Labs, and the Northside Festival.
Emily Collins, the Animation Director has had film collaborations with Sony, the Tribeca Film Festival, New York International Children’s Film Festival, LEGO, amongst other awesome platforms. In 2013, she founded GirlStories, a free program for teen girls in NYC interested in film, comics, and animation.
And Michaela Olsen, the second Animation Director short animated films have screened at a variety of distinguished film festivals including the Ottawa International Animation Festival, Rooftop Films, Brooklyn International Film Festival, Fantoche International Animation Festival, Switzerland Black Maria Film Festival.
What we find most interesting about Mighty Oak Grows are the original animation stories they’ve created about inspiring women and imaginary characters.

Take a look at some of their amazing work!

To see more of their awesomeness, follow them on Vimeo, Instagram, Facebook, and their Website.


All images and videos are from the Mighty Oak Grows website.

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