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5 Tips to Losing Your Weight and Being in Good Shape | Doaa Gamal

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Once upon a time, I was overweight. I did not like my shape, and I could not do a lot of different activities in my daily life! That made me a little bit upset. Then I remember that I had read before that if you did not care about your health, it will probably be a reason for losing your life fast! From that time, I decided to not be overweight and keep myself healthy!
Here are 5 tips I would like to share with you to help in keeping yourself healthy and to lose weight fast:

Do not eat fast food
If you want to lose your weight fast, do not think about eating fast food from restaurants or any shop in the street. Although it seems delicious it will give you a lot of health problems, like: Being overweight, having health problems in the long term, etc. So, try to avoid fast food and eat healthy ones instead of it. This will help you to be in a good health and have a good mood.  Losing Your Weight and Being in Good Shape

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Practice Sports
Do not hesitate to join a gym. That will be a great chance for you to change your mood and gain a better lifestyle! So, do not hesitate to go to the gym and exercise there as much as you can. Your life will be totally different and healthy! Start with short sessions and gradually add minutes as you get more fit. Even you will be in a good mood especially after losing weight and achieving your fitness goals.

Avoid sweetened drinks
Do not think about drinking sweetened drinks too much. It’s not a good idea to drink Pepsi, Coca-Cola, fruit juice, etc. You will gain extra calories and not feel healthy. So, avoid drinking sweetened drinks, and drink unsweetened, calorie-free beverages instead.

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Drink water as much as you can
Water is the most important kind of drink that your body needs every day. It’s healthy to drink water and you will not gain more weight. Water has the effect of both hydrating your body and filling your stomach with a good volume of a liquid that has zero calories. It will help you to not feel hungry or eat too much. So, try to provide your body with a good amount of water to feel healthy. 

Eat Vitamin C
You will find vitamin “C” in some fruits, like Orange, mango, kiwi, etc. So, eat these kinds of fruits from time to another one as a step of avoiding other not healthy drinks and food.

Doaa Gamal`s Personal PhotoDoaa Gamal is passionate about writing and helping others. She believes that through writing, one can deliver different messages that can influence the world around us. She works to help others set up their goals and discover their potential. She is also a life enthusiast and blogger always looking at the bright side of life. She is interested in sustainable development, education and helping others through volunteer work.
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