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5 Tips to Overcoming Depression and Starting a New Life | Doaa Gamal

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Suffering from depression goes beyond just dealing with tough situations or being in a bad mood because of a bad day or a disappointing encounter. Can you remember a time that you did not get what you want or did not achieve any of your major dreams? Yes, I can for myself, it happens a lot, not only for you, but also for me, for one of your friends, or anyone else in your life!
So, here I write a couple of things that can change your mood. These are tips that I use:

Believe in learning from life’s experiences
If you fall down one a day. Do not cry over spilled milk. Take it easy and try to deal with it in a nice way! You will learn something new from these unsuccessful experiences to add to your life. So, thank God for the failure and try to understand the message behind the failure! I am the kind of person who believes that everything in our lives happens for a reason. So, try to be more optimistic and give yourself a fresh perspective by learning something new there!

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Try something new
Work on filling your schedule with different activities and keeping your day busy with new activities, that will help you to stay active and thinking better. New activities challenge your mind and create new mental pathways for you, and after a while, you’ll forget the failure and reverse it into good. 5 Tips to Overcoming Depression and Starting a New Life

Improve your habits and sleep well
If you used something bad in the past, and that brought problems to your health, personality, and people around you before, be proactive and take a decision of exploring a better behavior.
Sleep well to be in a good mood through your day. It will reflect positively on your daily life and will help you in being more enthusiastic.

Practice Sports
Sport is one of the best things you can do for living a better life and becoming a totally different person from who you used to be. There are a lot of benefits of practicing sports, like: Improving health, building confidence, learning from others experiences, exploring your passion, etc.
Practice new sports and let yourself discover something you did not try before!

Try talking to a Therapist
Schedule time and talk to a therapist when you need help. This will help you to get a professional who can listen to your psychological problems and will help you in giving scientific solutions that will help in gaining better life experiences! Also, it’ll help you in being comfortable and confident.

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