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A Co-Sewing Space for Fashion Nerds: Blessing Achu’s 360 Creative Hub

By December 10, 2016 No Comments

A hub is naturally a place of immense energy exchange and high collaboration. Now imagine a hub specifically made for Fashion Designing, where anyone who understands the nitty-gritty of Fashion can be in a place, working together and brainstorming.  Just awesome!
Fashion is arguably a big deal in Nigeria and as such, has seen many entrepreneurs emerge than most special crafts in Nigeria. Their needs range from machinery to office space where they can work and create, to runways where they can flaunt their creativity.
Real Estate in Lagos can be a business killer hence the need to create a workspace for these bubbly entrepreneurs to express themselves, free from financial inhibition.
360 Creative is the first creative and fashion design focused co-working space in Nigeria. Founded and owned by Blessing Achu, 360 Creative Hub gives fashion entrepreneurs, access to their own private space where they can dream and imagine designs with the co-factoring section where, they will find all the specific machine they need for production, creating and building their passion. Their collective space provides a platform for brands and fashion-focused individuals to come together to work, collaborate, converse, and ultimately, achieve their dreams.
Located on 34, Ajao Rd off Olufemi Str. off Ogunlana drive, Surulere, Lagos State. You should visit if you are in Lagos.







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