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21 African Creative Women: Amin Ameen

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Amin AmeenIn 2016, Amin Ameen was renewing, refining and pruning her mind and the work she had done so far. She decided to travel and while on a trip to Europe, she was gathering her thoughts around everything she had experienced in life, work, journeys and reflecting on the “Art” of it all. From this inward reflection, she birthed the hashtag #EverythingNaArt which in essence is a call to action challenging you to see the beauty/Art in everything.

But it doesn’t end there. Amin has a passion for sharing knowledge and over a decade of professional Engineering and leadership experience in the energy sector. She is also self-taught in graphic design, photography, product design, as well as marketing and communications. So, she decided to use these skills to help others by transferring her knowledge to her very own combined online community of over 25,000 creatives in the Tech and Creative territories.
Naturally, I believe I am quite a resourceful individual and I was already helping people fulfill their dreams and goals except it wasn’t formal. Through my platform, I am helping others create and build an income from the works of their own hands through the vision I believe GOD placed in my heart. I decided to listen to GOD and channel my energy and time into the service of others in my own little way. I believe if each of us is solving a problem whether home or abroad and we do that individually and collectively; The entire world benefits.” Amin says.

What drives her to keep going?
What drives her is the fact that she knows that she is solving problems. It helps on the days she doesn’t feel her best. Messages from people in the community that are so heartfelt and genuine.
“I am not perfect. I don’t even want to be. But I know I am doing good each day in very small but powerful and impactful ways.”

What legacy/mark does she want her work to leave?
A quote by Naval Ravikant describes it: “What you do is temporary. Who you are is timeless”.
For Amin Ameen, that quote says it all.

Follow Amin and the #EverythingNaArt journey on Instagram, Twitter, and Website.

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Adeyele Adeniran is a creative writer and director with an undying passion for poetry and storytelling. She is a Nigerian and resides in Lagos where she studies History and Strategic Studies at the University of Lagos. Most of her works are a response or observation to the world we live in.
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