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21 African Creative Women: Juli-Art Hango

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Juli-Art Hango - African Creative Women - For Creative GirlsFor Hango, Photography found her, the space came from within her, through her from the universe. Juli-Art Hango who was once lost, hurt and a serial self victimizer, realized that Art and creating spaces for others to express their authentic bare selves was her saving grace.

What drives her to keep going?
Source and purpose. The journey that keeps unfolding whether on the art side or the healing side which is ONE side at the end of the day. Knowing what she is here to do, in this life, that keeps her going.

What legacy/mark does she want her work to leave?
“I want everyone who ever gets to experience my art in whatever present moment to feel completely loved, completely at peace and ONE with the HeARTWORK.”

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Gbemi Lolade Adekanmbi is the cultivator of For Creative Girls. She is a firm believer in the fact that there is no division between the ability for science and the ability for Art. Her goal is to cultivate this ability with as many people as possible and make creatives a living, breathing part of how the world, organisations, and societies run.


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