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21 African Creative Women: Khalila Kellz Mbowe

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Khalila Kellz Mbowe (Tanzania)Khalila Kellz Mbowe is a serial social entrepreneur/social innovator and performance director based in Tanzania. 

She has worked in choreography [nationally, regionally and internationally] and has worked with various artists on the African continent.

She is also a singer, writer and directs productions.

Her current focus is running a group of social enterprises called Unleashed Africa Social Ventures where most of the creative work falls under three arms of venture which are:

  • Unleashed Academy for performing arts and leadership [Arts and development]
  • The Beautiful You initiative [Girl child empowerment]
  • The Space that hosts the Nipe Dili Show [give me deal in Swahili] 

Kellz has always been creatively inclined and driven to be in the creative space. She has always found ways to draw stories out of things, and circumstances with a purpose to transform the world.

It took her time to realize her talents because of the nature of discouragement and criticism associated with the arts and the general stigma faced as a young woman in her country, but she has since overcome all that through various life experiences that helped her gain confidence in her work.

What drives her to keep going?

Kellz believes “that the day one stops giving to the world and being productive or adding value to ourselves, as well as others, is the day of the end of your life.”

She believes her life is a beautiful gift to the world and the world is a gift to her and time is a precious, valuable commodity. She views time and her as partners in Creation and uses it to add value to the world. 

The parable of the talents in the Bible further emphasizes this as it refers a lot to the investment of time and talents and motivates her to use her time to make the world a better place.

Her love of people also makes her encourage people through her work using positive content of possibilities and progress.

What legacy/ mark does she want her work to leave?

Kellz’s mantra is BE LEGENDARY. 

She is driven by thoughts of legacy and wants to leave Africa knowing that in one way or another she contributed to its progress.

She wants her legacy to be, not just in the lives her work has changed or impacted but rather how many people felt empowered, capacitated, encouraged, inspired, transformed and invigorated to the point where they want to do the same for others and transform them

She believes in this domino effect and in her service and her purpose to serve others by building platforms for self-discovery and development so that they, in turn, learn and grow to then serve others. Being a catalyst for change.

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