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21 African Creative Women: Nyacomba Githu

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Nyacomba Githu [Kenya] - African Creative Women - For Creative GirlsNyacomba Githu has always had a strong desire to create things with her hands from a young age using various mediums such as fabric, paper, yarn, wood, etc.
Over the years she preferred to use fabric as her medium of choice to make garments.
Eventually, she realized she wanted to go beyond making fancy garments to exploring how she could give people a safe space for diverse conversations, this was the birth of Free Mind Sessions.

Free Mind Sessions is an organization that brings together a community with diverse groups of people to a safe space to initiate meaningful conversations on different topics and encourage them to be appreciative of each other’s views on emerging issues and current themes in the society.
Free Mind Sessions stands for something unique and powerful – generating conversations around solutions together, as people grow. It allows for an unconventional networking experience, encouraging meaningful conversations.
The sessions are programmed around 4 pillars/editions:
Creative Sessions – Discussions around the creative industry and creative workshops.
Social Sessions – Emerging social issues such as mental health, sex, Matriarchal & Patriarchal societies, Elections, and civics, etc.
Business Sessions – Money matters, and financial literacy
Miscellaneous – Open mic Night, Quiz Night, etc

What drives her to keep going?
Nyacomba draws a lot of encouragement from seeing the impact the sessions have had on those who attend and how the topics discussed help them view things from different perspectives.
Also, just their positive feedback on the need for more spaces such as hers that help to interact and engage freely with others in the group and day to day lives.

What legacy/mark does she want her work to leave?
Nyacomba wants to be remembered on the impact she has had on how people feel more than anything because people will always forget what you say but they will never forget how you made them feel. This will always linger on forever.

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Lorna Abwonji is Head Designer/Creative Director at Mia Mara Creations.
She is the Project manager at Dress Up Kenya. RAFDA 2008 Finalist & FA254 Finalist 2014.

Lorna is a 2016 YALI Mandela Washington Fellow.



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