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All Good Girls by Mounica Tata

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“Patriarchy is not men>women. It is masculinity > femininity. And our definitions of ‘masculinity’ and ‘femininity’ are so distorted and warped. That’s why ‘masculine’ women are ‘intimidating’ and ‘feminine’ women are sought after. ‘Feminine’ men are mocked and ‘masculine’ men are worshipped.
Women are never rational, always emotional. Or it’s the hormones, that time of the month. “What was she wearing”, oh! that cunt.
We can never be loud. Not in our thoughts, not in our laughter, and never in bed. Smile more, aim to please, lose that spine, and look pretty, they said.
Every time we cried foul, they silenced us and said #notallmen. Raised and groomed only to serve, to be the second sex- #AllWomen.
All Good Girls. “
Mounica Tata

Bangladesh-based artist, Mounica Tata knows how to paint all the pictures of the various moments of life that we have become silent about. In this series “All Good Girls” she illustrates the inner workings of the annoying pressure of trying to bend to the mindset of how ‘good girls’ should behave, look and position themselves.
The self-taught Freelance illustrator/cartoonist, Mounica Tata is a profound Illustrator whose art usually revolves around thematic and topical issues, exorcising the things that are hidden underneath the surface of the human lithosphere. We think she is a blessed artist with a gift for being able to draw out (pun intended ) all the internal battles that women face and find hard to express.

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Mounica Tata - Good Girls grow hair

Mounica Tata - Good Girls shy coy

Mounica Tata - Good Girls smile more

Mounica Tata is based in Bangalore, India loves round faces, strong coffee, and stationery. Follow her on Instagram, Behance and her Blog.

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