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Annie Spratt Is Giving Away A Million Photos

By October 11, 2017 No Comments

Annie Spratt is queening open source photography by setting her mind on giving away one million photos. This photography project she has created is called A Million Photos. Annie is a blogger and photographer based in The New Forest, England. A wife and mother, she is passionate about the outdoors and travel.
She works for the Canadian based photography community Unsplash as a Community Manager, curating photos submitted to the site, managing social media accounts, communicating with the community, helping organise events, handling support tickets and working on special projects.

Annie Spratt champions and fosters the Art of Making, she believes in creating. She talks about the culture of they have at Unsplash, giving us a sense of what it’s like to create and share your work: “On the first Friday of every month, we encourage everyone to share what they’ve been making and we call this Make Day. Writing, design, remixing, photography, hacking, illustrating, cooking, building. We like to think of it as a celebration of turning ideas into realities.”

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Annie blogs at Mammasaurus and her photography project is going on strong.

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