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Art As Mediation: Tasnim Baghdadi’s Work Is Lifegiving

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Tasnim Baghdadi is an illustrator, visual artist and designer who was born in Cologne and is currently based in Münster, Germany. Her artistic work is inspired by her interest for modernist art, searching for a visual language in between the abstract and the meta-figurative. Tasnim’s illustrations and creative experiments mingle visual worlds of the past with the language of our contemporary age. Her main themes derive from images within cultural history and the human condition. She aims to fathom and de- and reconstruct concepts of personal and collective memory as well as a sense of longing and belonging from within hybrid realities with help of metaphorical repetition and melancholic Visual poems.

As both, a graduate of Art History and a self-taught illustrator and visual artist, she constantly takes in both perspectives and seeks to find a gap between theory and creative practice, while mainly focusing on the human form and faces.

Tasnim Baghdadi is also the cofounder of  Nachbild (German for Afterimage). a company founded in 2016 art collective which she runs with two Visual Artists, Elif Kü ç ük and Moshtari Hilal  The goal of the collective is to create cross-media new forms of aesthetics and visual art; Beyond stigmatizing and essentializing spaces.

Tasnim Baghadi and her cofounders curate digital spaces, void spaces within society, as well as exhibitions and physical encounters with other artists * of color. The collective stands for self-determination and freedom of thought and its artistic realization.

Photo: @_ngoc_anh Editing: @elif___kucuk #nachbildkollektiv#nachbild

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[English below] Nachbild ist ein Kunst-Kollektiv in Deutschland, das medienübergreifend neue Formen der Ästhetik und visuellen Kunst schaffen möchte; jenseits von stigmatisierenden und essentialisierenden Räumen. Nachbild kuratiert digitale Räume, Leerräume innerhalb der Gesellschaft, sowie Ausstellungen und physische Begegnungen mit anderen Künstler*innen of color. [Nachbild ( German for Afterimage ) is an interdisciplinary arts collective in Germany which aims to create new forms of aesthetics and visual arts beyond stigmatizing and essentialist spaces. Nachbild curates digital spaces, empty spaces within our society, exhibitions and physical encounters with other female* artists of color. (*queer) photo: @varathas editing: Elif Kücük

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