Artist Wanted! Summer Residency

Through their residency program, they offer the selected artists the opportunity to join them for approximately 2-3 months and use their studio space or darkroom to develop their artistic projects. The final exhibition at Officina Neukölln is not only the result of their own research and experimentation, but also of a collaboration with our members who supports the resident artists throughout their creative process.

The residency results in an exhibition or performance, usually scheduled at the end of the residency. We encourage experimentation and are open to other forms of events at any stage of the artistic process.

Eligibility: The open call welcomes all types of artists, from Berlin or abroad.

What you get out of it: Working creatively with limited funds, but with a lot of hard work and heart, we provide residents with all that our collective has to offer: a physical space where they can get dirty and create; a local network of artists, curators and artisans; and the organization of a final exhibition giving visibility to their work (with the coverage of part of the installation costs, up to 100€). In order to create an exchange between the community and the resident artist, the latter offers our community a workshop where he/she can teach others about his/her field of creative practice. Accommodation is not provided. Next residency is from June 1 to mid-September.

Deadline: 4 May 2021

Apply herehttps://officina.berlin/en/artists/

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