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Changing Perceptions of Beauty: Delmaine Donson is Showing Us New Narratives of Beauty

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“I’d love it if my art could change people’s perceptions of beauty. I want it to make people see woman of colour differently. Not just as loud and bold, but soft and delicate too. More than anything I just want to create a world where little brown and black girls can grow up knowing that they are beautiful and knowing that the world sees them that way too.” – Delmaine Donson  Delmaine Donson

Delmaine Donson Portrait

Delmaine Donson is showing off the magic of Women of Colour. Her art is a fiery deviation and expression of all the beauty and awe that exist within women of colour, she calls herself an ‘advanced retoucher’, but we think she is magic walking the earth and living on her own terms.
We always love women who take the time to show the world other reflections other than what we’ve been fed. Delmaine Donson is one of such women. The Cape Town based artist finds inspiration from black hair, black/brown women and girls. She is living and arting her magic upon the canvas of the universe.

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