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Boost Your Ingenuity with a Dose of Mother Nature | Cassandra Alexander

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Spending time in nature is one of the most prolific gifts you, as a woman, can bestow upon yourself.  Not only will you reap all the wonderful benefits such as radiant-looking skin, but your creativity will also receive a very welcome boost, courtesy of Mother Nature. People who spend time in nature are likely to be 50% more creative than others according to research conducted by a number of US-based psychologists at the Universities of Utah and Kansas. The same study found that creativity peaked after about 3 days of frolicking in nature, giving you and your girlfriends the perfect excuse to pack your outdoor gear and escape into the wilderness for a couple of days. Boosting Creativity with a dose of mother nature

Nature boosts creativity

As modern-day women, our lives are filled with the flashing lights and loud noises of television, sirens, ringing phones, and people talking, all which hijacks our attention, making us lose focus and leave us feeling overwhelmed. When we are in nature we are surrounded by gentle, soft visual and audio stimulation which encourages our attention span to replenish itself.  Spending time in nature has also been linked to a decrease in anxiety and an overall improved mood, both which can enhance our feminine creativity even further.

Fun activities in nature for the creative woman

Ideally, you should aim to spend an entire weekend nestled in the arms of nature, leaving your girly side at home and explore your adventurous one instead. Try to find a safe camping spot close to home that has all the amenities you require while also offering you the chance to participate in a number of outdoor activities such as kayaking, hiking, fishing, mountain biking, and swimming. Depending on your fitness levels (and sense of adventure) you can even engage in a bit of abseiling or white-water rafting – both which are bound to trigger immense creative surges!  If you are unsure of what to take along on your journey into the great outdoors you can browse the internet for handy lists or sign up to a themed subscription box service that will provide you with all the gadgets you need for an outdoor excursion. Leave your bikini and pumps at home though, you will benefit far more from a bodysuit and some comfortable hiking boots.

Even short bursts of outdoor time are beneficial

If going away for an entire weekend is not possible, you can aim to spend time in nature in shorter increments, even on a daily basis.  Get together with some of your girlfriends and have a picnic in a local park during your lunch break or get off the subway or bus a block earlier from your work (and home) and walk the rest of the way, trying to identify various birds, trees and flower species.  Working in the garden can be equally beneficial and, if all else fails, bring some aspects of nature indoors with a few potted plants or a herb garden in your kitchen.

If you feel like your creativity has upped and left you, don’t despair, even the most inspired women experience a similar slump from time to time. Be kind to yourself, and spend some time in nature. You will soon be overcome with an incredible surge in ingenuity that will see your tackle your projects with confidence and zest.

Cassandra AlexandraCassandra Alexander is a freelance writer and editor who has a real passion for all things spiritual. She adores being able to work creatively every day and when not writing she enjoys live music, hiking and spending time with her family.




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