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Can You Learn New Languages Through Subtitles? Eve Y. Shows Us How

Subtitles are the life-giving way we sit and watch videos, movies, and materials made in languages that are strange to us, or languages that we neither understand or speak. We love subtitles, they are empowering and enriching. They help us understand what’s transpiring in another person’s language. Subtitles also gives us a fleeting sense of the ability to catch a glimpse of another culture, but we would never have imagined that you could learn entire languages through them. Because that’s exactly what Eve has done. She has learned and mastered 8 languages with the help of Subtitles.

Eve is a twenty-something-year-old globetrotter and fashion enthusiast. She is studying International Management in Paris, where she’s currently residing since 2013; just after living in Madrid, Spain for 4 years. Prior to that, she spent her first 19 years in Germany.
We are in awe of how she has taken her love for adventure and experience of growing in 3 countries to light up her linguistic fervor and become a language nomad of sorts.

In the video below, she talked about how she learned 8 languages through Subtitles.

You can also watch her teach beginners class for anyone who wants to learn new languages.

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