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6 Tips for Choosing a New Career Path in 2022

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Are you thinking of making a career pivot this year? Here are some proven tips on making the right choice of a new path. 

The great resignation is in full swing. People en masse are quitting jobs that don’t satisfy them anymore and embark on a journey in search of their new perfect career. But for many, that job search might turn out longer than they expect. And they have to overcome significant obstacles before they land an interview and get employed.

The reason is, starting afresh is not that simple. Fortunately, some things can make it simpler. If you know how to pass the applicant tracking process and create a bot-beating resume, you have better chances of reaching recruiters with your job application.  

Choosing a New Career Path in 2022

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But if you are among those job seekers who have trouble highlighting their qualifications, work experience, key skills, and accomplishments, it’s better to get professional help from a career advice expert. 

Firstly, career resources like Skillhub can push you in the right direction, offering guidelines and useful services. Secondly, you can always count on help from professional career coaches and consultants. Take advantage of all available options before you send out applications to recruiting firms or employers.

Moreover, we’ve got some tips for you. Read on to find them out right now. 

Identify Why You Need a Change 

People usually start considering a career change when their current job doesn’t satisfy them. However, many of these people cannot define what it is about the jobs they occupy that makes them uncomfortable. 

But a vague feeling alone is not enough to indicate that a career pivot is what you need at this stage in life. In fact, you might need anything from psychotherapy to a long-deserved holiday to a similar online job in a different company. 

To find out what it is that you really want, ask yourself some questions. For example:

  • Am I tired or bored? Does it have anything to do with my work? 
  • Is it the job itself that makes me unhappy? Or, rather, it’s my salary or my boss/colleagues/the company culture? 
  • Is there anything else I would like to engage in as an employee? 

The list can go on, but the idea is to identify why you feel miserable at your current position. The same goes for entrepreneurs, by the way: not everyone is cut to be a businessperson, and many entrepreneurs could actually be better off as employees. If you are that unlucky business owner, ask yourself what it is about the enterprise that dissatisfies you. 

Define Your New Goals 

After you’ve identified the roots of your uneasiness, proceed with defining your new goals. To do that, ask yourself some more questions – and don’t forget to write down the answers. 

So, what is it that you want from your new job?

  • Do you want a higher income? 
  • Would you like to find something you are passionate about? 
  • Do you need a more supportive team/different company culture, etc.? 
  • Would you appreciate a different working style?

At this stage, be as precise as possible. Consider such aspects as schedule, time of the commute, and everything else that might be important for you. Minor as some things may seem, they may be the decisive factors for some professions – for example, some jobs cannot be done from home, others require being online 24/7, etc. 

Choose a New Career Path in 2022

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Make a List of Things You Love Doing (and Do Well) 

If you’ve got your mind firmly set on changing your profession, proceed with making a list of things you are passionate about. You can include everything, from writing business and working with numbers to cooking and gardening. Who knows – maybe, your hobby has the potential of becoming your new career path? 

When the list is complete, sift it through to filter the occupations you wouldn’t want to do on a professional level. For example, one might be fond of drawing or knitting but would never consider becoming a full-time illustrator or a homemade goods shop owner. That done, exclude the occupations you enjoy doing but are not very good at, too. 

Consider Your Previous Experience 

If you are a high school student, all paths may be open to you – or, at least, the choice is vast. But when you already have education and professional experience, things get more complicated. 

Whatever self-growth gurus might be telling, people’s previous experiences define them much more than they would like them to. And it would be unwise to ignore the fact. So, as a rule, you can invest in your career by choosing the path closest to the old one. Though, of course, there are some exceptions. 

In theory, a former engineer can become a skillful chef, and an ex-bookkeeper might discover a singing talent. However, it’s unlikely for a marketing specialist to land a job as an astrophysicist. So, be realistic. 

Research the Job Market 

At this point, you should have enough information to shape a general idea of what professions might suit you. So, if you haven’t done that yet, analyze all your lists and make a single shortlist with all the job ideas you’ve brainstormed so far. 

Now, it’s time to research the market. But before you head to the job boards and craft a winning resume, take the time to find out the current career trends. For this purpose, you can use career blogs or quality business media outlets such as Forbes or Bloomberg. Once you make sure your newly chosen career is futureproofed, you can start looking for job offers. 

When you read the job descriptions, pay attention to the required skillset. If you are changing careers, you likely don’t have the skills necessary to apply for the desired positions yet. In this case, you’ll need to undergo training to acquire them first. 

Get Help 

If all of the above seems too overwhelming, getting professional help is the best option for you. A qualified career coach will gently guide you through every stage of choosing a new career path and going through the hiring process. Thus, you’ll be able to impress the recruiter or hiring manager, get more interviews, and land a dream job. 

Alternatively, you can take a career test – or, ideally, several tests. There are plenty of them online, and some are even available for free, so this is a perfect option for those who cannot afford a coach at this point. 

Wrapping Up 

Choosing a new career path might be intimidating, but more and more people these days are risking this undertaking. If you are also ready to try, use our tips and tips from topresume reviews to do it the right way and quickly find an occupation that will make you happy in 2022 and beyond.


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