Opportunity: Copywriter / Wordsmith at a Tech Company

The Brief/The role:
The project is to work on building and developing the language, tone of voice and brand persona of a tech company that is looking to do good for profit (it’s possible), empower, engage and provide better opportunities for those who are underrepresented in their industry and effectively challenge the status quo. It’s a project that doesn’t really have a definitive end as it’s likely to result in a long-term relationship with the client. From brand to activation, web to presentations.
It’s a great opportunity to stretch your wings as a copywriter and be able to start from scratch on a project to help it grow.
Looking for:
A freelance creative wordsmith and copywriter who can flip between short, long and web copy, digest and edit existing content without getting bored. Anyone with a creative streak and willing to challenge convention rather than phoning it in is always really welcome to share their work.  Some experience in tech is useful. But not necessary. But if you understand brands then woo.
Whatever you think you’re worth.
The client is based in the UK. But open to people from all over the world, but it’ll be easier for those who aren’t in a timezone that will create havoc on their sleep etc.
Portfolio examples of written examples will be useful to help in regards to shortlisting people to work with. Highlighting anything relevant or what you are most proud of is useful.

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