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How‌ ‌to‌ ‌Create‌ a Productive Work from Home ‌(WFH‌) ‌Environment‌

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Working from home is an ideal many people share, and it can be a dream if you do it properly. WFH often equals flexible hours, no daily commute, and avoiding office politics. However, with an abundance of distractions and a lack of inspiration and motivation, the dream can easily turn into a nightmare. Luckily, there are a few small steps you can take to stay motivated and productive at home. Here is a short guide to help you create the perfect WFH environment. 

Designate a WFH Space

If you have been holding zoom meetings on the sofa and working from the comfort of your bed, stop. Right now. It might be a convenient way to work the WFH thing, but it certainly isn’t the most productive. Not having a designated space to go to every day can lead to more procrastinating and less working. Choose a quiet space in your home and designate it as your home office. This will help you establish an efficient work schedule and enable you to strike a healthy balance between work and home life. If you have a lot of video conferences and meetings, try to pick a place with a wall behind you. Nothing screams ‘unprofessional’ more than the view of an unmade bed or your family watching TV in the background.

Define Your Hours

Once you have created a designated workspace, the next step is to make a realistic schedule. It is easy to get carried away when WFH, and many people find it hard to stop working. Not to mention, without a routine it is difficult to keep track of the hours you have actually worked. Create a clearly defined work schedule and stick to them. Not only will it help you structure your day better, but it can prevent burn out. Not to mention, having an actual start and end time to a workday will prevent you from getting distracted and procrastinating.

Style it Up

An aesthetically pleasing WFH environment is much more enjoyable to work in. Think about it – would you rather work in an uninspiring, drab office or a fun and dynamic work environment? A fun and functional home office can help inspire you during your work hours and boost productivity levels. Invest in your workspace in a way that speaks to you and sparks joy. This could include styling it up with leafy, green plants, creating a mood board or adding an essential oil diffuser. If you often find yourself shivering in your home office, opt for a practical and stylish solution. Stonewoods is an established company that provides the best fireplaces London can offer. For a home office, choose a freestanding unit, such as a toasty fire table or an attractive flueless stove to keep you warm.

Get Dressed

The start of a typical workday usually involves picking out an outfit, so why should working from home be any different? Making the effort to get dressed in suitable work attire can have a positive impact on your mentality and help you get into work mode.

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