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How Creative Girls Can Sell Their Artwork Online

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Artwork is found in every home today, but marketing and selling it takes a lot of time and effort. To build followers and fans that admire your work as an artist takes months or even years.

Some followers are loyal, dedicated, and casual towards artwork, but it is worth an investment to have followers who like your work.

Girls can sell their artwork online by creating pages on sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat by making videos, reels, and photos and posting them. 

Here are some tips for creative girls to sell their artwork online to add more audiences to expand their artwork business in the market.  

Create your own Website

You need to make your website to sell and promote your artwork online. It needs a lot of your time as well as efforts to create and manage the website on a regular basis. But it is important too for selling the art prints online. 

First, you have to decide the pattern to display your work, which decides the pricing of each art. Second, you will initially have an audience that already knows you personally.

On the other hand, if you are not a technical pro, you can hire a website designer if you want to spend more money. Website designers will help you create a website according to your requirements and update it regularly.

It is great to have your own Website to sell your artwork online as it will give a nice creative start to your business. 

Start Blogging

Writing a blog is also a great way to describe your artwork skills. Blogging is not about writing an essay about your work. It is most important to blog regularly about the artwork that you have made in recent times.

As there are many sites with blogging pages. The blog should talk about your art and the inspiration behind creating it. The blog should not be about news, family, what you ate, fashion. Keep your focus on artwork; otherwise, you will lose followers and be consistent in making blogs avoid gaps. 

Sell Artwork through Social Media 

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There are a lot of social media platforms to sell your artwork like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, etc. So choose any platform and do your best to sell your artwork at a good price. 

Instagram and Facebook are creative platforms to showcase your artwork as you can run flash sales on artwork. Offer discounts on limited edition artwork for a limited time. You can add posters of sales on your page to capture the eye of people following you. 

Just post your work once or twice a day, most important is to be socially active on these platforms. For example, if someone comments on your work, you should comment back immediately.

Sell on other Websites 

eBay is a trusted name online and provides huge support to its online sellers. Guidelines to sell your products online are provided on a certain basis by which artists can display their work in a better light. There are no restrictions on medium, which gives a better chance to artists to sell work.

Amazon accepts only certain types of art like paintings, drawings, watercolors, two-dimension media mix, and limited edition prints. Create an Amazon art section as a pre-approval process before entering the digital market to sell your artwork.

For instance, you can also sell your prints on trusted and popular sites like this

And as you sell or collect art, be sure to have Art Collection Insurance to cover any form of loss.

Art Exhibitions 

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Art exhibitions are a great way to sell your art and earn some money. As buyers in these exhibitions understand the value of artwork and pay the right amount for it. 

Find the right place for an exhibition like a shopping mall, school, or heritage building. The location should be welcoming and popular among people. Opt for the right time as most of the exhibitions are held at the festival time as people go out to buy new stuff for homes.

After all this, work on marketing and promotion strategy spread the word among people as much as possible. All this will result in a successful exhibition, and a large amount of money can be made through these exhibitions.

Online Galleries 

These galleries display a great section of your artwork with different price ranges for each artwork. Every person can buy from these galleries as prices are within budget.

Artists communicate directly with the buyer and keep the entire amount when the piece is sold. Artists build a larger profile in the market and develop links with fellow artists. 

Online galleries make sure that they talk about artists and the upcoming exhibitions they have collaborated with. 

Online Shopping Site 

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Online shopping is in trend these days. If you create an impressive and catchy page for your site, more people will get attracted to it.

Starting an online site will add more access to the quality of your work, expand your audience, and will definitely uplift your sales. In online shopping, you can convince the buyer in a short time by showing the best pictures of your work.

Online shopping will take less time and money than opening a proper gallery store to showcase your artwork.


There are many creative ways to sell your artwork online, as there are many selling sites. Choose a size that’s ideal for you and your work has a huge number of people visit and buy from them.

The above ideas to sell work online will open more doors to your creativity on a larger platform.


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