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28 Creative Women Share Their Christmas Plans With Us

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The holly jolly atmosphere of December comes with a burst of stock taking and new plans. You can’t miss the shower of new hopes and the unison of joy permeating everywhere.
So, we thought it’d be cool to ask a couple of creative women what they’ll be doing this Christmas in their personal lives and in terms of work.
The answers are so heartwarming and sometimes hilarious, you’ll be mushy inside.
So, here are the answers/gists to our “What are you doing this December and Holiday season?” question.

Kelechi Udoagwu
This Christmas, I’ll be running a Christmas crowdfunding campaign to #EmpowerTech in Africa. The campaign is a collaborative effort between MEST and SAP Exchange Media (2 tech institutions).
I’ll also take one week off the Internet (usually the last week of the year) to enjoy true solitude and reflect on how the year went – how I’ve grown, things I didn’t see coming, areas I can improve.
Last but not least, I’ll visit and stay with close family – enjoy the clan where I came from.
That’s my Christmas 😊! ❀️

Deola Adebiyi
I’m actually launching the OmogeMuRa Fashion and Beauty Blogging Masterclass (7th of December). When the post and video is live, I’ll send it to you here πŸ™‚
P.S, it’s live! Join here.

Sade Oyinadesade-oyinade-christmasLeading up to the holiday I’ll be working with an editor to cut a trailer for the short film I just shot Yemi’s Dilemma. The trailer will be put in January and we’ll be raising funds to finish post-production on the film. We definitely need help spreading the word on that once it’s out. I’ll also be working on the edit of a couple of episodes of Unsung for TV One that will air early next year.

Wonuola Lawalwonuola-lawal-christmasGosh. I’ll be preparing for a new series that I plan to launch in the New Year.
I’m hoping to have an exhibition this Christmas but I’m still thinking about it.
I’m also going back to Lagos to capture more of Lagos life. That’s all I’d be up to. (Not really anything fabulous 😭 but I hope the pictures are amazing).

Vera Ezimoravera-ezimora-christmasSure thing! I will be completing my biggest/longest project. Not ready to say what it is yet πŸ˜€

Emma Trithartemily-trithart-christmasAbsolutely! I’ll be spending my holiday weekend in Ann Arbor, Michigan – eating my mom’s famous gingerbread cookies, drinking coffee and playing with my brother’s very cute dogs.

Mariama Camaramariama-camara-christmasThis holiday season will be really busy for me. I am planning on doing a lot of activism work. I already started! I am currently in Washington D.C. at the U.S. FGM (female genital mutilation) Summit. I am using my voice to help end this harmful practice with many strong ladies that have been fighting tirelessly in this movement. On December 8th, I will be in Fort Lauderdale at the Dream Girl Film screening. I am one of the main characters of this documentary and I am invited to speak on a panel with other amazing women after the screening. I will also be fundraising for my organization There Is No Limit Foundation through the products made by Mariama Fashion Production. We are donating 100{7516946f8b0c1a6ede41439c3ae11d430d01c6cb1788b8e4cf8ff90b3f78e65d} of the sales of the products through the holidays seasons to support our 2017 projects. There Is No Limit Foundation does wonderful work to help poor and ultra-poor people. I also plan on bringing awareness to other causes I care about. I plan on helping to distribute toys and clothing to underprivileged and autistic children in Brooklyn through Make A Kid Happy. I have been involved with this cause for a few years now. I encourage everyone to support by donating toys because it is really priceless to see the impact on the children; many them wouldn’t have a Christmas gifts if it wasn’t for this project. I will also spend time with family and do my usual ritual of evaluating our performance this year and setting new goals for 2017.

Adanna OnuekwusiadannaOh well, generally speaking, I’d be spending time with family and friends. (Yay)
Art wise, I’m planning on finally setting up an online store for posters art prints.(double yay) I think I’ve put it off for too long, haha. I’ll also be catching up on commissions I’ve postponed because of school. πŸ™‚

Fehintola Ogunyefehintola-ogunye-christmasI’m working on making a video of places to visit in Ibadan during the holiday. Plus I hope to go on a road trip with The Village Pot to Badagry 17th-18th Dec and vlog during the Ibadan Festival holding from the 24th-31st December. Plus there’s also work work work work work, family celebrations and hanging out with friends.😁😁😁.

Ifeatu Nnaobiifeatu-nnaobi-christmasI’ll be spending the holidays with my dad and girlfriend and maybe my sister(not sure if she’s coming). I hope we can do some sight-seeing. We’ll be in Enugu. If the national museum is open, we’ll go. There are also some springs and waterfalls nearby so hopefully check those out too. Will watch lots of movies. I have to watch lots of movies. Then lots of hiking and walking. Trying to get those legs toned. And if I can, I’ll make some photographs and start working on a film project for 2017.

Hannah Hutchhannah-hutchWeird I just made a Christmas reef! Using leaves and berries from the bushes in park.Β hannah-hutch-2That’s what I’m currently doing. Lol.

Jennifer Aldrichjennifer-aldrichI’m extremely fortunate to have been granted vacation time during the end of December, so I’ll be spending the Christmas holiday with my wonderful family, and then enjoying the rest of the break at home spending every second with my daughter and our little Bichon puppy, Chester. We’ll def be checking out the Doctor Who Christmas Special, building at least one epic snow fort, and drinking tons of hot chocolate. There will also be some photography, reading, blogging, and design passion project work tossed into the mix, as they’re my favorite hobbies. πŸ™‚


Zeba Talkhanizeba-talkhani-christmasDecember is one of my favorite times of the year. Leading up to Christmas I make time to catch up with myself and create a rough plan for the year ahead. It involves lots of tea, custard creams and scribbling on post-its.
2016 has been a great year for me in terms of creating opportunities instead of seeking them. I’ve been vocal about representation in publishing and media for a while now but this year I took control of the narrative and hosted my own events rather than waiting for established literature festivals, magazines, and bookshops to invest in an inclusive and diverse program. A 2016 highlight for me was hosting Muslim Women Speak in London last month. I’m hoping to take this a step further and mobilize larger communities in 2017.
My husband and I moved into our first home in August and we’re looking forward to visiting local antique and contemporary furniture shops around the Cotswolds. Our tastes differ widely so I’m interested in seeing what this collaboration brings us.
I’m eager to spend time with my family can’t wait to conquer the last of my TBR pile. This year I’ve saved Zadie Smith’s Swing Time and an advance copy of Elif Shafak’s Three Daughters of Eve for my Christmas reads. A project I’m looking forward to next year is my collaboration with the brilliant Doll Hospital magazine & author Khairani Barokka as well as curating a literature festival in London late next year.
Here’s wishing everyone a productive and inspiring 2017!

Emily Nkangaemily-nkangaI will be working all through December… covering events. It’s really not a holiday for me. 😄

Wuraola Abulatanwura-abulatanI’m working on getting a new apartment so I’ll be setting it up properly. I’d spend some time with my man and my family. And I’ll make sure I attend lots of Christmas events (God help)
And last but not least, I’ll try to write 5 poems this holiday. Amen. πŸ˜€

Mimi Onuoha
Mimi OnuohaOkay cool! I’m going to be working a table where I’ll be creating some fun hacks for people at the Eyebeam Holiday Hack Shop on December 10th. Link for the event is here: Eyebeam Holiday Hack Shop

Vikki Rossvikki-rossI’ll be in NYC for Christmas with my husband, my brother and his wife. I’ll also be setting the students at School of Communication Arts a couple of long copy briefs and preparing for some talks on copywriting and tone of voice for clients and agencies in the New Year.

Eve Tonnia
eve-tonniaThis Christmas, I plan to work on my final year project. Then work on my wig business, work on more outfit posts for my blog and chill with family and friends.

Jumoke Verissimo
jumoke-verissimoChristmas is for family *wink*

Jessica Bongos-Ikwue
img_0299I’m starting recording for my debut album this month so my plan for Christmas really is to lock myself up in the studio and get to recording so this album can be released in 2017.
Oh, and a lot of feasting too! ☺️

Chinedu Ahanonunedoux-head-shotRest!! Lol. 🙌

Ginikachi Eloka
kachi-elokaThis Christmas, I plan to give most of my time to family, I spend too much time away from them. As a regular part of the year, I will be traveling to my hometown in Anambra, and I intend to explore, photograph and document as much as I can. I also plan to start mapping out my 2017; ideas, goals and all.
Plus, I’ve got a bunch of books I plan to finish during the time as well (waves introvert placard), though it might be unrealistic because all the regular festive activities means I’ll be out and about more than I wish to, but I’ll see how it goes.

Ire Aderinokun
ire-aderinokunWhat I’ll be doing during the holiday is mainly being with my family. All my extended family come to Lagos for the holidays.

Ainehi Edoro
ainehi-edoroIt’s been a busy semester of teaching and writing. So the next two weeks will have me bundled up in a warm oversize sweater, steaming coffee in hand, reading Chibundu Onuzo’s Welcome to Lagos and Jennifer Makumbi’s Kintu. Two highly anticipated 2017 African novels. I simply can’t wait to dig in.

Bola Onada Sokunbi
bola-onada-sokunbiDuring the holiday, I’ll be reviewing my 2016 goals and taking an assessment.
And laying out my plans to win big in 2017.

Ozoz Sokoh(Kitchen Butterfly)
ozoz-sokohI’ll be resting before the end of the year – chilling, refreshing for 2017. I’ll usher in the New Year with a New Year’s day brunch

Eleanor T. Khonje
EleanorFor Christmas, I will travel home to Dallas, spend some much-needed quality time with my family, particularly my mommy and 8-month old nephew, and I will bask in the goodness and greatness that was 2016.
I will also finalize my first academic conference paper as a Ph.D. candidate and will finally complete my business plan for the business that was given to me as a dream. Finally, as my birthday is so close to New Years, I will spend some much needed time meditating on my growth over the last year, and giving thanks for everything beautiful and difficult that made 2016 the best year ever!!! I too spend some time planning and visualizing what I want to see in my life in 2017!!!!! 😃😃

Lizz Johnson
Lizz JohnsonThis Christmas I intend to immerse myself in as many books as possible! I also plan to spend time with my family and a few friends. The self-improvement plans are to get some creative writing done, work out a plan to make my work as a teacher(English language and Literature in English) producer (Writers Project Ghana)and editor(threesxityGh) better for the coming year because something feels so good and matured about 2017!!

So, what are you doing this holiday month? What are your plans for the season? Do share with us and we’ll add them to this list.

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