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Designer At A Tech Startup By Day, Melissa Ivone Is Teaching Herself The Art Of Embroidery

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Melissa Ivone is the Design Overlord & Creative Director at Curalate, a leading technology company connecting social and commerce for the world’s most loved brands. Recently, Melissa Ivone opened up a wormhole into a compartment of herself that she had hitherto stored away and probably forgotten about – she picked up embroidery art!
There are many sides to us and many lives inside of us if we can look into the components of our embryonic soul. This exactly is what Melissa Ivone started doing. She started a website – Inherited Thread to showcase this embroidery side of her.
Curious about her love for embroidery art and the website, we approached her to ask her what drew her heart to embroidery and the concept of pooling time, portraits and memories in stitches and she told us about her Grandmother’s awesome impact on her.
“I’m very new to embroidery. I have all of my grandmother’s thread from when she was younger and I felt that I had to do something with it. I love stepping away from technology and really focusing on a piece of work for hours. It’s really meditative!”

On Inherited Thread website, Melissa Ivone fully explains the impact of her grandma on her “I got a lot from my grandmother. My optimism, my love of pink, the value of kindness. She taught me to sew, knit, create with my hands, look for the beauty in this world, and so much more. I also quite literally got her collection of embroidery thread, and for a decade it’s been collecting dust in a closet. I finally decided to put it to good use and teach myself embroidery. This website documents my journey as I learn this beautiful art, using the thread that once passed through the hands of my beloved grandmother.”

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