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Don’t Let Distractions Poison Your Creativity

By December 2, 2020 No Comments

Channelling your passion through creative outlets is a rewarding way to express yourself. You might do it for fun or even for your job. No matter what motivates you to engage in personal expression, sometimes it isn’t always easy. Distractions could tear you away from what you love or deadlines you have to meet.

Don’t let distractions poison your creativity any longer. Check out a few simple tricks anyone can try to regain their focus and pour their heart back into their work. They could help you overcome a creative block while you learn more about yourself.

Take Healthy Breaks

Even if your creativity is part of your job, it can become stressful. Chronic stress is bad for your mental health, even if it’s because of your greatest passion. High levels of the stress hormone cortisol affect your cognitive functions, making it easier to forget things and let your mind wander.

You won’t need distractions if you manage your stress in healthy ways, like taking breaks. A quick five or 10-minute break away from work eases your mind and allows you to focus better when you get back to what you were doing.  

List What Serves as Distractions

Most distractions appear first as fleeting impulses. It’s the moment you pick up your phone or start thinking of what you need to do around the house. If you catch yourself falling for distractions, make a list of them.

Write down what you do when you’re distracted. Maybe you scroll through social media or stare while you daydream. Use that list to remind yourself what not to do, so you’re consciously aware of them the next time they happen.

Step Back From the Stove

Take the guesswork out of cooking your meals, which is a time-consuming activity for everyone. Instead of wondering what you’ll make for yourself and family, plan ahead and order what you need online.

Online orders save you from wasting time at the grocery store. Multitask while you’re in your creative flow to enjoy the benefits of grocery delivery, and try things that might not be available locally. Explore new culinary dishes without distracting yourself from the important work at hand.

Start Focus Rituals

Sometimes creativity flows better when you follow specific rituals or routines. Create a morning routine that programs your mind to wake up and focus by a particular time. Warm-up before your task with exercise or yoga.

You can also use deep work tips to schedule your focus. Devote all your attention to whatever you’re doing for a set period, then give yourself a break. Repeat as needed so you don’t stress about being locked into creative work all the time.

Set a Timer

Your distractions may be doing housework or inbox sorting, which are non-creative activities that are essential. If you have to do those things or can’t break the habits, set a timer. Give yourself a short time limit to do those things, then return to your creative flow. You’ll feel accomplished without wasting much time.

See What Works

Give yourself time to try these tips. See what works so you don’t let distractions poison your creativity. Take control of your creative side and watch it thrive.

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