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3 Essential Elements of a Creative & Comfy Outdoor Area

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Summer days are all about long hot evenings in the garden with family and friends. Even better if you have an ice-cold drink and a sizzling BBQ on the go. But hanging out in your outdoor area shouldn’t be reserved for summertime. A couple of additions to your garden could make it possible to enjoy spending time in your garden throughout the year.

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Create a Sheltered Outdoor Area

Hosting parties outdoors can be really stressful when you depend on the weather to be good. We’ve all been there: without a covered area as a backup, that much-anticipated BBQ you’ve been planning for weeks has to be called off at the last minute, or suddenly abandoned when all your guests have to spring inside out of the rain. Erecting a spacious covering to shelter you from the elements—something like a pagoda or of flat roof patio—means you won’t have to consult the weatherman before you start planning your next summer outdoor party. Even when you aren’t entertaining, a sheltered outdoor space allows you and the family (and of course pets) the freedom to breeze in and out, as and when you’re in the mood for a bit of fresh air or a change of scenery. If you work from home, you might embrace the opportunity to set up your workstation outside for the day. Why work your nine-to-five indoors when you have the option to be outside? Spending more time out of doors has been shown to improve productivity and wellbeing. 


Thoughtful Design

Just because your garden is out of doors, doesn’t mean all your interior design savvy should go out the window. Apply the same care and design principles to your outdoor area, and you’ll find yourself living half of your life out there. Once you’ve created your covered outdoor space, it’s worth taking the time to kit it out with the right furniture and accessories to ensure you get year-round enjoyment. Whatever you intend to use the space for, from reading a book in the morning sun to a big outdoor dinner party, opt for comfy and versatile seating, like this teak outdoor furniture. In the winter, you might like to use heaters or drape warm rugs over the backs of chairs, giving your family and guests that extra bit of coziness.


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Invest in Outdoor Tech

 A covered outdoor area gives you the option to play music and other media without having to worry about the effects of exposing your electronics to direct sun or rain. Equip your covered outdoor area with a wifi booster or extra antenna to broaden your coverage beyond the bounds of your house. A good quality set of Bluetooth speakers will never go amiss. Once you’re set up to play music outside, the possibilities for entertaining (or just hanging out on your own) are endless. Depending on the mood of the event you’re hosting, you can select music to enhance the atmosphere. Whether it’s a dance party or an afternoon of reading in the hammock, music adds so much to the vibe.

Whether you have a big garden, or a little patio, unused outdoor space is a wasted opportunity for outdoor entertaining and solitary chill-sessions. If you’d like to try your hand at a little outdoor interior design, these tips will help you make the most of your outside area.  


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