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Eman Makes 6 Figures While Balancing Motherhood and Freelance Copywriting

Having navigated the highs and lows of the freelance journey, Eman has crafted a suite of learning experiences that cater specifically to the needs of fellow creators, offering invaluable insights and practical strategies.

One of her flagship offerings is the “Like a Boss” mastermind, a 12-week program meticulously designed to transform freelance copywriters into confident business owners. This intensive course is a game-changer for anyone looking to elevate their career, providing the tools and mentorship needed to navigate the complexities of running a business. 


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For those on the freelance stretch tired of the traditional day rate but still want to create high-value offers, her “Design Your VIP Day” masterclass is a perfect solution. This two-hour pre-recorded session teaches freelancers how to structure their workdays to maximize both time and revenue, allowing them to work smarter, not harder.

In addition to these comprehensive programs, she offers personalized coaching through her “Borrow My Brain” sessions. In these 30-minute calls, she provides targeted advice and insights, drawing from her extensive experience to address specific challenges and opportunities. One client even remarked that a single session was more valuable than a six-month course. 

In her podcast, “Mistakes that Made Me” she asks extraordinary business owners to share their biggest business mistake – so creatives  know what NOT to do on your road to success.


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Eman’s dedication to sharing knowledge doesn’t stop there. She also runs a weekly newsletter filled with story-driven business lessons and email marketing tips. This newsletter is a treasure trove of insights, blending practical advice with engaging narratives to keep readers informed and inspired. To subscribe, you only need to DM the word “Newsletter.”

Behind these offerings is a creator who knows firsthand the struggles and triumphs of freelancing. She left her full-time job in 2018 to become a more present mother, facing the uncertainty and financial instability that many entrepreneurs know all too well. In 2020, there were months when she barely made any income, yet she persevered, driven by her commitment to her family and her passion for her work.

Today, she makes the majority of her revenue through 1:1 client work, and she expresses immense gratitude to her clients who have made this journey possible. Her story is a breath of fresh air for creative mothers and even younger freelancers, showing that it is indeed possible to balance personal commitments with professional aspirations.

Eman’s journey speaks volume to the beauty of resilience, creativity, and the power of community. By sharing her experiences and expertise, she empowers others to achieve their own success, making her not just a teacher, but a true mentor and inspiration. Whether you’re looking to transform your business, optimize your workday, or gain personalized insights, she offers a path forward, backed by experience and fueled by passion.

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