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Enticing Careers the Art Industry Offers Women | Stella Lincoln

There are careers where men have a distinct advantage over women, and the gender wage gap is unmistakable, and then there is art. In the field of art, not only is the gender wage gap less obvious, women consist of a high percentage of the workforce.

The population of women is more in 80 percent of the states within the United States. Even so, women do not earn more than their male counterparts, and art is no different. The only difference with art is that the disparity is less in comparison to other vocations.

Significance of Women in Art

Several different occupations need to work together to set up an art exhibition successfully. If there are going to be classical paintings or vintage paintings in the exhibition, more people need to be involved. For the show to be a success, the pictures need to be displayed aesthetically. All the paperwork also needs to be valid for the customers to purchase the works they find interesting.

The viewers are always keen to see feminine elegance in photography, but painting takes it to the next level. Gallery experts need to make sure that each painting is an original before putting it up for display. The price and presentation of each picture need to be examined before spectators arrive.

Art Appraiser

The job of an appraiser is to comb over the intricate details of paintings or beautiful art pieces to determine its value. An art appraiser’s job is to examine, research, and determine the worth of the building blocks of the elementary constituents of the painting. In the course of their work, art appraisers meet with high-end society daily.

Networking skills are an implied prerequisite for this job and women have some of the best networking skills. Since the documents generated by art appraisers are legally valid, art appraisers need to have a calm, cool and collected personality. Enticing Careers the Art Industry Offers Women

Art Auctioneer

A successful art auctioneer exudes determination, conviction, and precision. The job of the art auctioneer is to start with the asking price for the painting and try to obtain the optimal price for the item. The ‘auction chant’ should not give an unfair advantage to any of the bidders at the auction.

A successful art auctioneer combines the magic of waiting with the excitement of anticipation to ensure that the consigner gets the best price. Women have the extraordinary ability to capture the attention of huge audiences with their voice. Once the auction is over, the auctioneer gets a commission for their work. 

Art Gallery Curator

The role of the art gallery curator is to compile, catalog, and manage the paintings in an art gallery. In the art gallery, there are numerous paintings. These artworks can be grouped into different classifications. The pictures can be classified according to the painter, or the era of production. 

The job of the art gallery curator is a multifunctional role, which can vary from gallery to gallery. Art gallery curators supervise art tours as they provide the general public with the information about each artwork. The art curator keeps an inventory of all the pictures in possession of a particular art gallery.

Art Gallery Manager

The art gallery manager manages all the logistics for the day of the exhibition. The art gallery manager contacts all the appropriate channels to advertise the exposition. The job of the art gallery manager is to contact the visiting artists that could be present on the day of the exhibition.

The presence of painters has an impact on sales. How the gallery is decorated, how the artwork is delivered to clients, the art gallery manager determines everything. The art gallery manager is the person in charge of contacting the framers so that all the paintings look presentable to the viewers.

Art Historian

An art historian knows paintings by researching, analyzing, and interpreting paintings produced before the contemporary period. The role of an art historian is not predefined to fit into any single category of work. The art historian can work in coordination with the art gallery appraiser to help assess an artwork.

Art historians need to have an investigative personality with an inquisitive nature. Art historians have a definite knowledge of the styles of venerable painters. They make reasonable assumptions about painters based on their style of painting. Art historians can easily associate different painting styles with their period.

Art Reviewer

An art reviewer evaluates paintings based on their canvas, paint, texture, styles, and finish to determine whether the picture is an original or a fake. Having completed the review, an art reviewer provides feedback based on their observations. The ultimate decision rests with art gallery management and customers, whether to approve or reject their suggestions.

Beltracchi is a multimillion dollar scam artist waiting to happen to an art gallery, which does not have an art reviewer. An art reviewer needs to know the painting styles and conventions of both venerable and contemporary painters if they are going to be successful. Some materials existing today were never available earlier. 


Just as modern-day science has evolved, the painting has also progressed. In times of yesteryear, there were only so many different types of canvases and paints, which artists could use. Today there is an incredibly wide variety of materials and substances to choose from to make your painting.

There are also a stunningly wide variety of styles to choose from for painters. Painters do not need to hold on to their day jobs if they are successful. If a painter gains fame and an exclusive reputation, they can make even more money. Artisan painters are a male-dominated profession, but an artistic painter is a job-profession opens to female painters.

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