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9 Essential, Must-Listen To Remote Worker Podcasts

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Podcasts are great ways to learn about a wide variety of subjects. You can listen to them while on your morning commute as a great alternative to music. They provide information and inspirational stories told in a fun, easily digestible way. 

Remote workers face many challenges while working at home. Whether you are just an employee, working for your company at home to escape the commute, or are your own boss, here are the 9 best remote working podcasts that you need to be listening to.

  1. IRL

The first podcast on our list, though not strictly about remote work takes a fascinating look at how the internet works and how its usage affects us and our society. IRL has been included because remote workers have to use the internet in order to do their jobs on a daily basis. It’s a witty, humorous podcast, which touches on topics such as cybersecurity, privacy, and online trolls. 

Essential, Must-Listen To Remote Worker Podcasts

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2.The Remote Show

This podcast is all about remote working life. It interviews entrepreneurs and executives at some of the world’s most influential remote working companies. The most recent podcast episodes have included interviews with the president of Global Workplace Analytics, the CEO and co-founder of WordPress, as well as the founder of The Remote Nomad.

3. 21 Century Work Life

Produced by the women who run the Virtual Bot Distant blog, this podcast dives deep into many of the unique and fascinating aspects of remote work. A June 2020 episode included an interview with a leader behind the state of Vermont’s initiative to pay remote workers to move to the state. Other episodes include focusing on asynchronous communication or the episode which takes a closer look at the emotional intelligence of remote working teams.

4. Rework

Rework was created by Basecamp, a remote-first company. Its podcast provides a good look at remote working, not just from how their company does it but the way other businesses have approached it as well. In an April 2020 episode of this podcast, Rework discussed how fitness and wellness companies adapted to the pandemic, even though the fitness industry is not well suited for remote work. In an October 2020 episode covered what support, if any, companies were giving to women and families who were remote working with young children at home.

5. The Freelance Friday Podcast

This podcast run by marketer Latasha James focuses its aim more on freelancing and freelancers, however, there is plenty of information found in many of the episodes that remote workers can benefit from as well. This is due to the overlapping between the freelancer and remote worker lifestyle. James’s provides great, in-depth coverage on many interesting topics, such as finding balance, setting boundaries, and avoiding burnout.

6. Digital Nomad Café

Adam Finan is your host, who has been working remotely for Shopify Plus since 2017, he is someone who doesn’t just talk about the dream but lives it too. He interviews fellow remote professionals to provide tips and tricks on many topics, such as teaching English online, building passive income streams, and others.

7. The Work From Home Show

The show’s hosts Naresh Vissa and Adam Schroeder are both founders of media businesses and have been working from home for years. They will teach you how to balance your working life with your home life and how to stay productive.

8. Building Remote Teams

This podcast is a great resource for managers of remote teams. This podcast teaches you all you need to know about successfully managing a hybrid office model. It covers how to stay productive while working at home. The show’s host, Jevin, has been a team manager since 2010 and shares plenty of first-hand experience.

9. Brave New Workforce

Launched in June 2020, as a response to the global pandemic, hosts Trip O’Dell, Anna Codina, and Larry Cornett, talk decades Big Tech to the table as well as expert opinions on how we can adjust to the “new normal” of working remotely.

These are the best 9 podcasts on all things remote working. The 9 podcasts will help you learn the ins and outs of remote work.

Written by Emily Henry.

Emily Henry writes for Simplegrad. She writes about many things, including remote working.




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