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Fantasy as the Main Assistant of the Creative Girl to Be Productive at Work and Home

It is always enjoyable to fantasize about something desired. Many people, however, regard it as a form of procrastination that not only impedes work but also disrupts deadlines. Human fantasy is a complicated phenomenon. When used properly, it can help you stay productive and advance at work.

In a fantasy world, one has complete control over everything. He can overcome all obstacles, figure out a path to successful completion of tasks, and consider alternatives that may be engaged in work, etc.

What is great about this world is that you feel completely free of stress. Excessive fantasizing, on the other hand, can lead to trouble. Many people spend the majority of their time fantasizing and putting off what is important until later. So, how do you use fantasy to make it work for you?

How Fantasy can help you stay productive at work and home

According to the study, people spend about four hours a day daydreaming. It may come as a surprise, but this activity can help you crack challenging situations and treat them in new ways.

Another study, led by a psychologist at the University of North Carolina Greensboro named Michael Kane, found that some forms of mind wandering can be even beneficial to people who do that regularly. Walking away from a problem for a short period will not only allow you to relieve mental stress but also provide strategic guidance on how to properly plan to achieve a goal.

In general, there are two kinds of daydreaming:

  • Bizarre – this daydreaming is associated with thoughts that have no relevance to relevant challenges or problems. It is more about improbable possibilities;
  • Problem-solving – this type of daydreaming is directly related to the resolution of existing problems.

While researching the relationship between the type of work people do, their level of creativity, and psychological attachment to their profession, the researchers discovered that the more engaged and interested employees are in their work, the more likely it is that their daydreams will spark creative thoughts about the job’s tasks and work-related challenges.

It was also mentioned that when workers faced difficulties at work, they were more likely to daydream. These daydreams boosted people’s creativity and allowed them to find a way out. It is especially common among writers who have difficulty coming up with new ideas for their stories. Some of them seek assistance from best paper writing service reviews, while others continue to look for triggers to make their fantasy work.

On the other hand, fantasies about the distant future and other improbable things can be demotivating and impair performance. It is not a problem if you spend about 15 to 20 minutes in your fantasies. However, if this time is extended, it is unlikely that the work will be completed on time.

Fantasy as the Main Assistant of the Creative Girl

Photo by Atikh Bana on Unsplash.

How to Daydream Well to Be Productive?

Learning how to daydream effectively can help you focus on solving problems when they arise and avoid bizarre fantasies. Here are some strategies for encouraging creative and productive fantasizing.

1. Determine the appropriate time

It is easier to daydream when one’s mind is prepared for it, i.e., when one is on autopilot. Remember the last time you discovered a solution to a problem or a new idea. What emotions did you have at the time?

Try to re-create that stress-free environment. Allow your mind to wander freely. To do this, you can use colouring books, sketchbooks, cube bots, etc.

2. Write it out

The problem with one’s fantasy is that it generates ideas and images at breakneck speed. If you have a poor memory, it can be difficult to remember them all. Index cards can be used to solve the problem. Taking small notes will help you organize your thoughts and highlight the most important ideas from the chaotic flow in your head.

With such index cards, you will find it much easier to organize your notes into a single meaningful piece of writing. If you have trouble with it, visit professional writing services review websites like Trust My Paper.

3. Create a list

If fantasizing about something desired is still difficult for you, try making a list of future accomplishments, and things you are looking for or want to receive in the future. When creating such a list, avoid writing about anything negative and routine tasks.

4. Be patient

Fantasizing is a cognitive process. It differs from the processes of remembering and recalling something as it is when one needs specific data to write an essay or research paper. While scientific writing allows for the use of term paper writing services reviews websites, fantasizing about problem-solving necessitates that you do it on your own, without the assistance of others.

Thus, you should not expect new ideas to come right away. Allow your mind some room for activity because it does not have an extra team to produce, process, and deliver data for your mental performance.

5. Fantasize about the obstacles on the way to future success

If used correctly, fantasies about future success (for example, project completion or career advancement) can be motivating. To make them work for you, do the following:

  • Envision your future (e.g., the exciting projects you will work on and the recognition you will receive);
  • Contrast your present with your future. To convert your fantasies into motivational energy, you must employ a contrasting technique. When you compare your desired future to your current life, you will be able to see what needs to be changed for your fantasies to become reality.

While working on these two points, one should also be aware of potential roadblocks on the way to success. They will occur whether you think about them or not, but it will be much easier to deal with them if you have a pre-prepared tool kit. Consider the tools you will use to overcome them with as little effort as possible.

6. Fantasize not about the outcomes themselves but rather the ways you will use to achieve them

It is fine to fantasize about having something, but it is not enough to get what you want. First and foremost, you must visualize the steps necessary to achieve the desired results. So, once you have decided what you want, devise a strategy to get it.

7. role-play to find a solution

When you are stuck at work, pretend you are someone else. For example, your boss, head manager, or a friend who always gets the cream of the crop in life.

Taking on his role would encourage your mind to visualize and approach the situation differently. As a result, the chances of finding a solution to the problem will be greatly increased.


Given how tired our minds are after a day of cognitively demanding tasks, it is easy to understand why people do not fantasize about anything. They simply lack the resources to do so. Allowing one’s mind to wander becomes an effective tool for not only recharging but also advancing one’s life to a new level.

While performing mundane tasks, it is critical to be patient with yourself and give yourself enough time to make your fantasy work, just as you would when learning any other skill. Over time, this experience will equip you with methods for obtaining the majority of your fantasies.

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