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Feminine Elegance as a Recurring Theme in the Photography of Elena Iv-skaya

By October 17, 2018 No Comments

The concept of femininity is one that has either been covered in a controversial light or has been submerged as Feminism Movement has grown – as if Feminism asked that femininity be hidden for the movement to be given light. However, Reunion Island based photographer, Elena Iv-skaya has skillfully been able to place the two side by side and even merged them in her work and it is a glorious sight to behold! I especially love the fact that Elena’s photography brings out the flawless flow in femininity and doesn’t sidestep the fiery fire of womanness. She is a superbly creative photographer whose work defines beauty in the most elegant and fierce way possible.
Originally from Russia, Elena Iv-skaya worked as a model before stepping behind the lens to explore her own creative vision. As a photographer, she is inspired by the models she works with and feminine elegance. “My muse is feminine,” she says.
Elena Iv-skaya has strong conceptual abilities and regularly produces, casts and styles her own photoshoots. She has shot campaigns for brands such as Les Georgettes, Leclerc, Naturella and Altesse and her work has been published in numerous international publications.

Go immerse yourself in Elena Iv-skaya’s website to see more conceptual photography of feminine elegance.


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