Global Storytelling Festival 2021: Mini Story Contest

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Stories across Boundaries: Bridging Intercultural Gaps

Stories submitted should deepen the understanding of different cultures of the world, and the intricacies and inherent diversity of each culture as a tool for meaningful collaboration. Stories can also shine a light on the pivotal role of intercultural commonality as a tool to create social impact.

What are ‘stories across boundaries’?

Personal stories of your experiences with people from diverse cultures.

Stories of diverse, inclusive, and collaborative problem-solving to address social impact issues.

Personal stories of experience in global peace and conflict.

Stories of migration, finding a home in a new region, human rights, and equality.

Stories of overcoming adversity, breaking barriers, and stories of freedom.

… and many more!

Boundaries can be of culture, place, identity, gender, religion, orientation, and many more. In successful entries, we’re seeking stories of individuals who’ve overcome these boundaries, no matter what they are.

The Mini-Story Global Contest focuses on bringing as much diversity as possible to the table (in themes, approach, area of social impact covered, etc.) But remember, the best stories are often simple, moving, and personal.

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