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Hafsy Kweyve’s Tribe of Artistic Magnificence

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I close my eyes and I imagine a tribe.
A tribe of “blue aura” women
Beautiful and strong.
Diverse, yet one.
Mother, daughter, sister, alike…
Hearts more alive than life itself
Spirits free, like the wind
But still very aware of direction.
Healers, Nurturers, Teachers, Lovers.

I close my eyes and I imagine a tribe
A tribe of phenomenal women
Intelligent, and aware
Delicate, and patient
Warriors, Intuitives, Wild Hearts, and beautiful.

Poem by Hafsy Kweyve

Hafsy Kweyve is an all-round Creative, she displays all the full bouquet of her creative and artistic energy through Art, Poetry and Textile drawing. The world has been configured to think that there are partitions and parallels that can’t meet when it comes to the products of our minds, but a lot of artists and women are defying that configuration by embracing and manifesting all their energies in a tribe of full glory. Hafsy Kweyve Art - Tribe of Women

Hafsy Kweyve paints women through her words and art in the aura of their magnificence, she depicts a tribe of women strong in the power of their confidence.
She is showing us a picture of what confidence exudes.

“The Intellect” by Me ✨

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