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How to Make Good Friends | Annette Kariuki

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Back in the day, making friends was not as complicated as it is these days. One would go out with friends and no harm would be caused.
The new age of technology though filled with its pros has made friendship a tad cumbersome. Making new acquaintances over the internet has become like a death-trap for some. One may assume the friends you make on various social media platforms are good as they presume. Little do you know what lies ahead.
A recent study states that Millennials are becoming lonelier since they have no real friends. Social media seems to be their `best’ friend in terms of voicing out their problems and expressing what they are feeling.
This is evident in some WhatsApp statuses of some individuals. Every second is spent expressing what you are doing which may be best shared physically.

In this day and age, our friends have turned out to be our worst predators. Some are becoming so envious that it gets to a point of murder. Look at some of the causes of violence among young college students. For some, it is their so-called `friends’ who sold them out to strangers.

I believe making good friends boils down to making wise decisions.
A friend who is there for you through thick and thin is better than a friend who does not care about your welfare, is self-centered and talks behind your back. He or she clings to you when he or she is faced with problems. Once you are faced with problems, he or she runs away and loses touch with you completely.
A famous quote says, “Show me your friends and I will tell you who you are.’” Ask yourself whether your friends are the people whom you presume them to be. Are they worth being called your friends?

The first step to acquiring good friends is through studying them. Take a close look at their character. This is in terms of how they behave, their conduct towards others, etc. Then make your judgment based on what you have seen.

Do not be quick to make acquaintances with them. Take it slow on this front. Also, do not rely on hearsay regarding those individuals. Aim to do your research about them. Once you are contented, you can choose to be either acquaintance or not.

Make sure you do not make it seem too obvious. Remember, each individual is different. One may choose to study your new acquaintance as you go along with your friendship. For others, it may be before you commence your friendship. It all depends on the individual.

In summary, making good friends may not be easy. One has to be cautious and seek to establish whom he or she is confiding to. Seek to know your friend first to establish whether he or she is a good friend worth keeping or not. Read widely from either books or the internet on how to make good friends.

Above all, seek guidance from your creator. Do not despair and be swayed by other individuals into making quick decisions. Take your time as this is a lifelong opportunity which may end up being the biggest mistake of your life.

Annette KariukiAnnette Wangechi Kariuki is a student and online writer, studying Mass Communication at Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology.




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