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Humayrah Bint Altaf Is The Queen of Embroidery Art

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Definitely not your average Embroider, Humayrah’s needlework is a kingdom on its own. Humayrah Bint Altaf is a talented embroidery artist from the UK, who stitches richly detailed plants and creatures inlaid with different materials – leather, goldwork, silk thread. In a conversation with The Creators Project, Humayrah describes that her embroidery as Storytelling “…I believe in storytelling through imagery: the comforting effect a word or photograph may have on people. A single image with few concise words woven together is enough to whisk people away to a more gentle world.”

Dendrochronology (n.) the science dealing with the study of the annual rings of trees in determining the dates and chronological order of past events. My silk & cotton Blossom Tree finally complete. I've always revered trees that stand alone. They remind me of lonely people. To me, they aren't weak. They represent themselves. When a tree is cut down, one can read it's whole history in its rings. It reveals all the scars, its struggles, it's prosperity and the storms it has endured. Nothing is more beautiful than a solitary, indestructible tree. Might sound soppy but I'm really attached to this piece and don't want to sell it! I've been working at it over a few years and it has many memories and emotions woven into it. You can read more about its details on my Etsy store along with close up images of the embroidery. #WondrousWords #TheOldeSewingRoom

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Coleopterology (n.) the branch of entomology that studies beetles. Another creepy commission complete #TheOldeSewingRoom

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