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If the Women in Friends Ran a Creative Agency

The amazingness of Friends cannot be over-emphasized. We have watched it over and over, but it somehow still retains its awesomeness. So, one day out of the blues we were gisting about it and it occurred to us — imagine if all the characters in Friends ran a business, a creative business. Or better still, let’s imagine that the women ran a creative business and the men had one of theirs. This is the result out of our imagination below:

Phoebe would be the Creative Director. With her wild mind and interesting applications of weird knowledge to everyday things, Phoebe would be perfect for the role of a CD. She’d be able to hear a song that has never been written or look at the best way to combine things that hitherto were not thought of together.

Creative Phoebe

Creative Phoebe

Monica would be Chief Operating Officer. Monica is a natural leader. She knows how to get people off their ass and do the work required to get things moving. She has a sturdy and strong personality and is self-willed. She is resourceful and has a penchant for productivity that rocks. She’d run the business with a keenness and discipline that would make it last for a long time.

Monica the Leader

Monica the Leader

Rachel would Definitely be Clients Manager. Rachel is cool, lovable and endearing. Her personality makes it easy for her to be an interesting Sales/Marketing woman. She also knows how to make her point clear in a passionate way that will make you want to buy. And that is a great marketing skill.

Rachel Clients Director


Now imagine if the men in Friends ran a Creative Agency…

It would not last two weeks!

Women rock! That’s our story and we’re sticking with it.

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