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Jazmin Truesdale Creates First Female Superhero Universe Where All Heroes Are Women Of Colour

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Jazmin Truesdale is a serial entrepreneur and CEO of Mino Enterprises which consists of Aza Entertainment, Jazmin Fitness, and more companies. With Aza Comics, Jazmin has created the first female superhero universe, with epic multicultural characters that incorporate real life issues into compelling story-lines to be adapted for books, comics, games, TV, and Film. Aza-Girls-Jazmin Truesdale

Jazmin Truesdale’s entire life is built on being always encouraged to go for her dreams. “Work hard, get an education, make a plan, and you can be whatever you want,” her father would always tell her, and Jazmin has lived and is still living by that mantra everyday.

Jazmin Truesdale

Jazmin Truesdale With Pondering Nerdcast At blerDCon, 2017

When she was very young she discovered that business is what makes the world go round and she was really good at it! She realised she could use her talents to make her life her own while empowering and influencing others.
Jazmin Truesdale’s Nana would say “Find out what you love to do and figure out a way to make money doing it.” That is what she has done with every business that she has started. From fitness to entertainment every company she owns gives her passion and a desire to develop quality products that are inclusive of others in order to create tolerance and peace. She believes that simply because we do not agree does not mean our only other option is to hate.

You should watch Aza: The Keepers trailer.

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