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Joanna Waterfall’s Yellow Co is Empowering Entrepreneurial Women to Become Agents of Good

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I was making a list of my favourite Feminist websites a couple of days ago when I discovered Yellow Co on Feminist Ads Instagram page and decided to take a look at it. The first thing that struck me about Yellow Co is their mission, which is focused on entrepreneurial women who are advancing a social good. So, I went to their website and immediately fell in love with their work and the ambiance of the culture that is warm and beautiful.

Yellow Co. is a conference and community for creative, entrepreneurial women who are working towards advancing the common good, founded by Joanna Waterfall in 2014. Yellow was an idea that came to Joanna in the shower – late 2013 when she was in a creatively stunted place (sometimes great things come out slow moments). She was running her own graphic design business, feeling burnt out on competing with and comparing herself to women around her and on the internet. Joanna Waterfall of Yellow Co

In Joanna’s words, she wanted more women in her life women who were getting creative, running businesses and doing it not to compete with others, not to get rich, not to blow up on social media, but to make an impact on the world. “I founded Yellow Co. in 2014 after experiencing a gap in creative, entrepreneurial communities for women that are inclusive and holistic, focusing on building more than a career, but a life filled with purpose and passion. With women running to the social entrepreneurial space at faster rates than ever before, I felt a need to have a place where women could have role models and experience what it looked like to be a woman making waves of good in the world through their businesses, art, and lives. You can’t be what you haven’t seen, and I wanted to create a space where women could see examples of what they could aspire to be like.”

Together with a talented team, The Yellow Co. has now hosted annual conferences with 500 women in attendance, has an interactive membership platform where they offer holistic business and life tools and resources and publishes a monthly periodical sent to our 260 members across the world. They partner with brands to create interactive, experiences for our audience to authentically engage with brands they love and believe in.

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Featured Image of Joanna Waterfall gotten via Myers Maison.

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