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Jordan Ferney Created a Party Resource Website to Cater for Celebrations

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“We put the “art” in party. We also put the parts in parties. And the pie in parties. Basically, we like to put things into parties.”
This is the jovial mission packed statement that will greet you when you land on Oh Happy Day website. It is one of the most colourful, fun-popping spirited platforms we have discovered in recent times. One look at the platform and you just get excited and ready to party!

Jordan Ferney Created Oh Happy Day Party ResourceLaunched in 2006 by event planner Jordan Ferney, the website is one of the top craft and celebration resources on the web. Oh Happy Day features influencer ideas, practical party guides, accessible DIY projects, interior design inspiration, trend-making photography and the practical means to make it all happen. It’s like your online Party resource. The jolliness-rousing website produces & celebrates fun through original design, projects, and party ideas.

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Jordan Ferney grew Oh Happy Day from a solo operation to 18 Million Monthly Uniques and a team of 12 full time employees. Oh Happy Day has partnered with brands like Target, Method, Lindt Chocolate, United States Postal Service, The Gap, etc.

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Anti-Valentines for when you need some space. (Swipe Left) 💔

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Finding out about Jordan Ferney recently has been an inspiring delight. We are in awe! Follow Oh Happy Day on Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Featured Image of Jordan Ferney gotten via Warby Parker.

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