Kudi Is Hiring A Product Manager

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Access to financial services is a prerequisite for economic development that benefits everyone. Our goal at Kudi is to provide a service that caters to the needs of everyone. Financial Inclusion plays a significant role in economic and human advancement. We intend to be one of the forerunners in driving this change by providing affordable, fast, and reliable cash payments for all Africans. 

Over 1.7B people around the world do not have access to basic financial services. Kudi’s mission is to make financial services accessible and affordable to all Africans across the world. Kudi started from Nigeria, a $300B cash payment market. We are currently digitizing cash payments for over 2 million Nigerians through thousands of Agent points across Nigeria.

Over the years, we have grown and processed over $3B in payments. Our next target is to bank over 10 million Nigerians monthly within the next 12 months. To accomplish this mission; we are seeking passionate, goal-oriented individuals to join our team.

About the Role

  • Manage product lifecycle; gathering and prioritising customer requirements, defining product vision and working closely with necessary stakeholders to deliver winning products.
  • Manage the process from conceptualisation, design, prototyping, development, testing, business, support, product launch and post deployment analytics.
  • Maintain and manage the product roadmap owning and writing the relevant PRDs for all features.
  • Identify and meticulously track key success metrics for product features.
  • Have a clear plan for product operations: the achievement of growth objectives including market share, revenue, profit and return on investment for all the channels/categories of business and/or key customers.
  • Identify new areas for growth through customer research and development.
  • Create an avenue to receive input from product stakeholders ensuring their input is a key Influence in product development.
  • Drive product launch alongside marketing team and other product management team members.
  • Gain deep understanding of customer experience in a bid to identify and fill product gaps that grow market share, improve customer experience and drive business growth.
  • Work with third party Lenders to craft amazing credit products for our customers.
  • Partner with the Legal and Compliance teams to ensure the products developed are compliant with relevant regulations.

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