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LED Neon Lights As Art! Two Sisters Are Making Neon Your Favourite Decor Element

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Neon light is the new art! According to the work of two imagination-fueled, awesome sisters, Gigi Foyle & Cavanagh Foyle, Neon light has become the artistic element that will make your life and decor pop gloriously.
Based in London, founder Gigi Foyle and her team work alongside her Dublin-based sister Cavanagh, designing unique LED neon lights and building their company called bag&bones. Bag&bones is an innovative LED neon art label grounded in high quality, unmistakable design.
Inspired by urban street culture, art and fashion, their off-the-shelf collection, including geometric graphics, whimsical text, and lyrical slogans, bring an edge of cool to any interior. Their customised LED neon offering, meanwhile, empowers customers and commercial clients alike to bring their imaginations to neon life.
Created over the course of two years of meticulous research and preparation, the seed for bag&bones was first planted when Gigi spotted a gap in the market for a new type of neon art that was more environmentally sustainable, and just as beautiful as traditional glass neon.

“The seductive glow of neon has lured me in for as long as I can remember,” says Gigi on their website. “As well as lighting any scene beautifully and drawing attention, neon light just has such a positive effect on my mood.”

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