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Lola Faleti And The Craft Of Crocheting

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If you are a lover of all thing crocheted, like we are, you’ll fall in love with Lola Faleti. We discovered her work when we asked Eddie Okolo to point us in the direction of crocheting masters. She makes the most interesting crop tops, two-piece collections, and commissioned dresses, you’d absolutely want one for yourself.

Fun fact: One of us tried our hand at crocheting (we won’t name the person), but couldn’t sustain the hard work and details. So, this is very dear to our hearts. Lol!

Here’s Lola.

For Creative Girls: Hi Lola, Can you tell us all about yourself? All the details – background, family.
Lola Faleti: I’m 21, and I moved to NYC 4 years ago for school. My parents and 2 brothers still live in Maryland where I grew up in a Nigerian household. When I’m not working or crocheting, I’m either hanging out with friends, watching a movie, or reading a book.

Crocheting is such an interesting and detail oriented creative work. One of us tried our hands at it and couldn’t make it through the first few months of learning. How did you start crocheting and what made you stick with it?
I first learned how to knit, and then at a craft party, one of the attendees asked me to teach her how to knit – she only knew how to crochet. She showed me the basics, and then when I got home, I picked up a crochet hook and I started trying to figure it out. Youtube was definitely a great help. I stuck with it because I found it relaxing and easy, and now it’s like breathing to me.Two-piece crocheting

How do you develop/come up with design ideas? And what are the things that help keep you inspired?
Well, I’m always looking on the internet trying to see if there is a common trend among competitors. I also take into consideration the weather and what the season is like. I’m inspired by classic designers – Alaia, Chanel, Versace etc. I always look at their stuff and I’m like “is there a way I could make a crochet version of this?” I also think about what I would want to wear and let my fingers work their magic.

You have a regular job, how do you make out time to design and crochet?
So, I have a full-time job and a job I do once a week. Given the nature of my job, I could take my crochet to work, and when the kids are napping, I can work on a garment. I also have lots of time in the evening and on weekends. I always find time for the things I love.Top and Skirt Crocheting

Do you have a daily routine? What are the first 3 things you do when you wake up?
Because my work schedule is never really set, it’s hard to maintain a consistent schedule with time and everything. My morning starts from the night before, I try to get everything organized and also go to bed so that I can have at least 7 hours of sleep. In the morning, I check my emails, make lists, and connect to my spirituality.

Creativity is an interesting theme that we like to explore. What’s your view on creativity? How do you define it?
To me, creativity is a necessary force. Without it, life wouldn’t be what we know it to be. I define creativity as an outlet to speak with art. There is always a message in the art around us, even if the artist doesn’t intend for there to be. It all boils down to psychology.

What are your plans with making money and building your career? Do you see yourself in the crocheting and fashion-sphere in the next say 8 years?
Well, as far as making money and growing my business, I have some plans set in motion that I’m not at liberty to share just yet, but if they play out the way I want them to, I could definitely make some big strides in the way of branding and digital marketing. My biggest dream is to quit my job and focus on my brand full time – crochet makes me so happy. I plan to still be in this business until it’s time for me to retire.Crocheted crop top

Also, we’d like to know your definition of success. Is it making big bucks? Or being famous for what you do?
For me, success is doing what you love and being able to make a life out of it. It’s not really about the money or fame. It’s like if I am doing what I am most passionate about and I am able to support my family, what more can I ask for?

What’s your favorite yarn color?
My favorite yarn color is Aran – it’s this off-white/cream color, I used it in my Mediterranean 2 piece!

You can check/order Lola’s work on Instagram and Etsy.

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