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Lolo Cynthia Is Doing A Video Series On Why People Reject The Label ‘RAPE’

Sexual assault is a very haunting and difficult topic to discuss. It is enshrouded with fear, shame and so much darkness that it is often tedious to bring it out in the open. In a cultural setting where women are often stigmatized for every form of wrongness, sexual assault and rape have become topics of blame-sharing that often fall upon the woman to bear. Thank goodness for Feminism, these subject matters are getting the discussion that they should have gotten a long time ago. Last week in Lagos, there was a daylight rape and sexual assault perpetrated by a couple of high school boys, that showed us we have a long way to go and a lot to do concerning the issue of Sexual Assault.
So, this month of May Lolo Cynthia decided to touch on the issue of sexual assault. Her aim is to focus on the gray areas surrounding it, highlighting and answering questions like:
– Why People Refuse to use the word Rape
– Sexual Assault Vs Rape. Which is more politically correct?
– Is persuading Someone to have sex rape?
– Can One Find Pleasure While being sexually assaulted?
– Why people refuse to acknowledge that they have been sexually assaulted

Here’s the first and second video:

You can follow the series on Facebook or YouTube.

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