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Make Yourself Happy Every Single Day | Annette Kariuki

By September 28, 2018 No Comments

Happiness is worth fighting for. Every moment in life we require to enjoy our own happiness. It varies depending on what blessing has occurred in your life. A promotion at work, a new-born baby, a good house etc are huge blessings that God can grant us and make us happy. Therefore, we should appreciate them as they are and seek for the best moments of it. This will require a lot of patience, hard work, and guidance from the Holy Spirit.

In this life, one should enjoy every single moment. Sometimes there are setbacks in our lives but we should not despair. Make yourself happy every single day. Remember that nobody will share that point of happiness if you fail to instill it within you. Your own happiness should always come first above all things.

Set time to enjoy the happy moments with yourself. You can engage your friends and family too. They can be fun activities like bike-riding, camping, boat-riding, social events etc. These activities help ease stress and they are good for relaxation purposes. Let them be a part of you each day.

Lastly, make the Bible your source of happiness. It has beautiful verses which will help ease your heart, mind, body, and soul. Ecclesiastes is a good example. It has good verses of wisdom which can encourage you during your low moments. Embrace that moment and share it with others who mean a lot to you.

Annette KariukiAnnette Wangechi Kariuki is a student and online writer, studying Mass Communication at Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology.







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