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Making Your Office More Creative

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Whether you work in a home office, you have an office space in a more substantial workplace, or you employ staff in a small office space yourself, the atmosphere and the decor of the workplace are essential. You want your office to inspire you and your team if you have one. You want it to be somewhere where you feel safe and comfortable. But also a space that inspires your creativity helps you to work productively and that keeps you focused and alert, even at the end of a hard day. 

Large companies employ people to come in and help them design their offices and get the right layout. They understand the benefits of office decor, positioning, and atmosphere. They appreciate the importance of getting it all right and are happy to invest, knowing that they will reap the rewards of a motivated and productive workforce. They also know that the right offices can boost confidence, improve mental health, and even increase the loyalty of their staff. 


While with a small business or home office, you might not be able to afford to get a professional in, that doesn’t mean that you can’t make some changes. Spending a little time working on your office can help you to create a space where you can be creative. Boosting your mood and improving your business.  

Add Some Color

Color is essential if you are trying to create a more inspiring office. You are much more likely to feel creative or come up with innovative ideas if you are surrounded by color than you are if you are staring at a blank wall. Color gives the creative centers of your brain a spark. But, try to keep things bright. Keep the walls light and add color with your hangings, furniture, soft furnishings, and accessories. 

Make it More Comfortable

Your office space should also be comfortable. You should be able to relax and settle. If you feel on edge and can’t relax, you will find it hard to focus and come up with new ideas. Add comfort with a rug, making sure you use Devine Rug Care to keep it soft and comfortable under your feet, cushions and comfortable seating, foot poufs, and throws. Think about your home lounge or the room where are you most comfortable. Try to bring some of this into your office. 

Create a Mood Board

Mood boards are a great way to spark creativity and give your mind the freedom to wander down more creative paths. Add a mood board to a wall, or even saved to your desktop on your computer so that you can access it easily. Fill it with goals, pictures that you love, things that inspire you and quotes that you like, and look at it whenever you need a boost. 

Make Sure You’ve Got Everything You Need

There’s nothing worse than getting a moment of inspiration only to find that you don’t have a pencil or piece of paper, and your idea has flown away by the time you’ve gone out to find what you need to note it down or doodle it. Make sure your office is well stocked, and you’ve always got what you need. 

Maximize Natural Light

There are so many advantages to natural light. It can help you to focus and feel alert. It can boost your energy levels and even your immune system. It will also help you to be more creative. Your office should have at least one window that is clean and unrestricted. Add mirrors and other reflective surfaces to maximize this light.

Hang Some Art

Our creativity is often awakened when we are around other creative works. Music, artwork, books, and other original works inspire us. They make us think more creatively and give us ideas. So, add some artwork to your office. Hang prints of your favorite paintings, have art books on your shelves, and provide yourself with access to things that you find beautiful.

Find a Motivational Message

Motivational quotes can be powerful. They can make you think and boost your mood. They can fill you with motivation but also with confidence. They can be a great support to you. Find some quotes that motivate you, that inspire you and that make you feel good. Print them out or stick them on your mood board. You could even add them to the fronts of notepads, or the tops of sheets.

Invest in Some Houseplants

Plants and greenery are great. They help to keep the air healthy, they boost our mood and our energy levels, and they cheer us up. Many people find that when they have a creative block, they go for a walk. One of the reasons for this is that nature is inspiring. You might not have room for too much of nature in your office, but some plants, succulents, and greens can be a big help.

Reduce Clutter

It’s hard to be creative when we’re surrounded by clutter and mess. It’s hard to focus, to concentrate, and to relax when we are surrounded by chaos. Clutter can be a distraction and even dangerous. It can hinder your abilities to work and literally get in your way. If you want a more creative office, clean it. Get rid of anything that you don’t need, and make sure you’ve got adequate storage to help you to keep things tidy in the future. 

Keep Snacks at Hand

Sometimes, we need a quick boost to feel more creative. It’s hard to come up with new ideas or to take our plans forward when we feel tired and sluggish. Keep some healthy snacks, as well as a few sweet treats, to hand for when you need a quick boost. 

Have Healthy Distractions

Distractions like clutter are unhealthy. They don’t help to get our creative juices flowing. But, other distractions, like books, doodle pads, coloring books, and puzzles, can all be a big help. 

Give Yourself Space

Sometimes, we need space to explore our creativity. We need to spread out with our materials to explore and to try new things. Arrange your office so that you’ve got some open space or clear desk space with which to work.


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