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In Dialogue With Product Photographer, Marissa Alden.

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There’s a particular uniqueness that comes with Marissa Alden’s photography, she captures stills in way that depict moving action, bringing your product to life. As a photographer, Marissa makes you know that she sees your vision and is capable of portraying the story you wish to tell with her lens.

Boost-lab Marissa Alden - Product Photographer

by Marissa Alden

Marissa Alden is the photographer and content creator behind the Marissa Alden brand, she is based in Mornington Peninsula, coastal area outside of Melbourne. Her interest in photography developed in high school where she started off shooting landscapes, then she gradually started off in fashion photography then recently switched to product photography, influenced by the pandemic.

Marissa Alden

Hey Marissa, can you tell us more about yourself e.g background, hobbies and passion?

Of course! I’m a product photographer and visual content creator based on the Mornington Peninsula, which is a costal area outside of Melbourne. I first picked up a camera when I was in high school and have been shooting ever since. In my very early days I used to shoot anything from landscapes to portraits, but now I primarily shoot fashion and product work. In my spare time I love doing anything that allows me to be creative. Painting and drawing have been hobbies of mine since I can remember.

How did you get into product photography?

I kind of fell into it! I have a background in fashion and portrait photography, but when I wasn’t able to shoot with models due to the coronavirus lockdowns I decided to try my hand at product photography. I loved how creative I could be when shooting products and the fact that it allowed me to delve deeper into other areas I’m interesting in like marketing, styling and branding.

Marissa Alden - Product Photographer

by Marissa Alden

by Marissa Alden

Where do you get the inspiration for your shoots?

I find a lot of inspiration online on platforms like Pinterest and Instagram. I follow so many amazing creatives that inspire me to come up with new ideas for shoots. I also am really inspired by the products themselves, particularly colour palettes and packaging. I really like to study a brand before I shoot their products, and this really helps me come up with ideas that would compliment the brands aesthetic. A product photo is made up of a combination of creativity and advertising, so I love exploring ideas that will be eye-catching and help sell the product at the same time.

When did you decide that you wanted to be a product photographer?

I think I did my first product shoot in mid-2020 and decided that I wanted to turn it into a business a few months later. I’m fairly new to the product photography scene, but the more I shoot, the more I love working with products!

What were you into before this?

Before I started product photography I shot a lot of fashion and portrait work including campaigns, headshots and model portfolios. Working with models is very different than working with products, but I love having a balance of both.

What challenges do you face as a product photographer/creative?

I think a challenge every freelance creative faces is uncertainty. It can be strange not having a guaranteed income, so I think it’s so important to have a business mindset. Another challenge that comes with managing a business would be dealing with the occasional difficult client or issues that arise when organising a shoot (like shipping delays, equipment malfunction etc.) Running your own business is all about being able to adapt to different situations and deal with things not going to plan.

Dope skin - Marissa Alden - Product Photographer

by Marissa Alden

Do you have any new year resolutions?

Yes, I love setting goals at the start of the year! This year I’d like to invest more time in learning and pushing my creative skills, setting aside space to work on projects that I’m passionate about. I’d also like to set clearer boundaries with my work and say no more often to projects that don’t inspire me.

Where do you see your brand in the next 2-5 years?

I see myself continuing to grow my product photography business! I’d love to work with some of my dream clients in the beauty and cosmetics industry and maybe even expand my services. Who knows what the future holds.

What is your daily life like?

Every day is different! I like to wake up fairly early (around 6-6:30 am) and normally start the day by checking my phone (not the best thing, I know!) and getting some exercise in. If I have a shoot day, I will then start by preparing the products and setting up my lighting for test shots. If I have an admin or editing day I will start the day by checking and responding to emails, working on shoot pre-production, scheduling my socials etc. I usually have a few things on the go at once.

Thank you for your time.

Thank you for having me 🙂


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  • It’s nice to hear from Marissa Alden about her product photography journey, the inspiration behind it, and the challenges she faced when going through the middle of product photography.
    Thanks so much for sharing such product photographer’s dialogues that grow inspiration among the beginners.

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