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Mean Mail Cards by Vicky Simmons for those Who Love Brutal, Witty Honesty

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Imagine if you could send brutally honest greeting cards, without hurting the recipient’s feelings. Yes, its possible to be brutally honest without hurting anyone’s feelings – that process is called Mean Mailing (coined as a verb from Mean Mail.)
These Cards have made it possible to be brutally honest with a twist of sweetness so that when you receive a Mean Mail card, the annoying words actually come across as beautifully witty.
Mean Mail makes cards for those you love and love to hate. They’re inspired by the way best friends talk to each other and the Oscar Wilde quote “True friends stab you in the front.”

These cards take away the goriness of pretentious words and lame remarks that we’ve come to know about Cards.
Founded by Vicky Simmons an art director who loves to create work that is engaging, amusing and fun. Mean Mail makes friendships more real and communication more engaging in a vibrant, beautifully twisted way.Vicky Simmons of Mean Mail

Vicky Simmons‘ work has won awards and praise from the AIGA Design Archive, MarCom Awards, Royal College of Art, YCN, Penguin Books & Creative Review Magazine.

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