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Meet Miyoba Buumba, The 28-Year-Old Founder Of Zambian Design Brand, Mwabonwa

Miyoba Buumba is a Zambian designer, entrepreneur and environmental advocate with two years work experience in the nonprofit sector. She owns a Zambian design brand called Mwabonwa which makes African print beddings, Jewry, adult and children’s wear. The 28-year-old is also a youth leader of Echo Change Zambia which conducts environmental awareness activities in schools and communities and has spearheaded the planting of 33,571 trees in Monze District of Zambia from January to March 2017. Miyoba holds a Bachelor of Education with environmental education from the University of Zambia. Her main skills include capacity building, community mobilization, advocacy, and entrepreneurship. Miyoba plans to expand her brand and open a design school where she will teach young girls and boys entrepreneurship skills.
In an interview with Lionesses Of Africa, Miyoba reiterates her love for African-themed designs – “I love contemporary African wear and beaded necklaces, but they are expensive to have them made, so I decided to learn how to do design and create them myself so that I wouldn’t have to pay anyone else to do it for me. Another inspiration came as a result of my always imagining designs in my mind, but when buying fabric and telling someone else how to do it, they would simply look at me with a ‘that’s impossible’ kind of look. So I decided that turning my own imagination into real tangible products would be a wonderful inspiration to start a business. Another reason for starting my business is because I want to be financially independent. As an environmental activist, it is better for me to run an enterprise that is going to employ youths and also provide funding for environmental activities.”

Miyoba Buumba Mwabonwa

Miyoba Buumba Satin


Miyoba Buumba Mwabonwa headbands

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