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Get Your Mental Health On Flick | Sympathy Sibanda-Mazuruse

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Lately, I have heard so many disturbing stories of suicide and drug abuse. People are too afraid to open their hearts and share what bothers them. The economic, social and political drama in a lot of countries does not make it any better. For quite a lot of people, each day they open their eyes is great pain and a reminder of the demands of inhaling and exhaling. They watch their little children growling in pain hunting for a healthy diet that is hard to come by. Unemployment and disillusionment while hanging academic papers on the wall is an everyday pain most people are living with.
No one ever thinks of the importance of taking care of their mental health. Issues of depression, schizophrenia, anxiety attacks are usually viewed as illnesses of those in affluence. What if we all stopped and treated our mental health like we rush out to do whenever we have a toothache or a headache?

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What’s the impact of not taking care of your mental health?

Every person no matter how strong they may be will reach a breaking point if they don’t take care of their mental health. Taking care of your mental health results in reinvigoration with regards to performance in homes, schools, and workplaces. Sometimes a simple walk in the morning can really change how you feel, visit to the children’s home or for me my life was transformed when I adopted a dog from the shelters.
Demystification of mental illnesses should be started at the micro levels and therefore carried on to macro levels. No one should feel embarrassed to visit a psychiatrist or a psychologist. It’s all part of taking care of one’s wellness.
This year, suicides and suicidal tendencies should be reduced if not thwarted. Every life matters and should be preserved and enjoyed with all the dignity it deserves. We are queens and it is our duty to take care of each other and be the pillar of strength whenever the need arises.

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Life is sometimes burdensome, seek help and never try to magnify your issue into what it’s not. Happy 2019 to you all.

Sympathy Sibanda -Mazuruse is Zimbabwean based writer, businesswoman, and humanitarian. She enjoys mentoring other women to achieve their greatest potential. A published author and presenter, she enjoys communication work and advocacy for sex workers’ access to economic, social and mental health alternatives.





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