Mentor a rising Female Creative/Professional.

Application Closes: March 21.
Mentorship Starts on the 2nd of April and ends 2nd of June

“The process helped me to articulate what works and what doesn't work for me. That kind of clear reflection has allowed me to skip the parts that don't work in subsequent writing.
It also reminded me of how far I've come, which calmed my current 'anxieties' about stuff that wasn't happening as quickly as I wanted it to.

Adebola Rayo

“It's one thing to know something and it's another ball game trying to teach someone else. So I felt like I was relearning all over again.
Also loved that I got to connect with someone who was in a different location and learn about how different her creative landscape was.”

Data Oruwari

“I found out that I actually knew a lot about photography than I expected. I've always regarded the fact that I haven't really had any formal training as a big thing but mentoring made me realise that training can only take you so far and that what I've learnt on my own is just as important. I was impressed with myself so it helped build my confidence towards my craft even more.
I loved seeing the impact of my guidance. There was a significant change in my Mentee’s work that I noticed and that made me proud of both of us. ”

Wonuola Lawal

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