Open Call for Middle Eastern Creatives & Arab Artists

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Reconnecting Arts is pleased to announce their 2018 open call that invites Middle Eastern – Arab artists to respond to the theme COLLISION.

While the Middle East and Arab, in general, are often grouped as one homogeneous entity, assuming everyone believes the same, thinks the same and acts the same. The reality is like everywhere else, the collision of ideas and attitudes and experiences are always present. Reconnecting Arts wants to welcome an open discussion and exploration of the different viewpoints that may collide.

They ask you to let us into the colliding experiences of then and now. Whether the collision takes place through the different artistic mediums and methods you use, or the ideas you voice, the journeys you take colliding with time, various cultural and social understandings or the multiple identities you may feel, the collaborations you’ve encountered, navigating boundaries of the personal and public or the colliding memories of a distant time or future.

Geographically, personally or artistically, they want to see, hear or feel the way in which colliding ideas and experiences have been explored through your creativity.

Reconnecting Arts supports Emerging Creatives and Arab Artists, re-Connecting emerging Middle Eastern Creatives through inclusive opportunities. Reconnecting Arts - Middle Eastern Creatives Arab Artists

To Apply, include:
Subject Line: “COLLISION _ (Your name).”
Full Name
Country / Origin
Website Link
About yourself (Bio)
About your project in detail, (idea, message, inspiration?)
Attach images to the email/dropbox only! (NO Wetrasfer files).
You can send this information in the body of an email OR
You can download a template here: COLLISION_ RECONNECTING ARTS and email it to them

Additional Info:
Amount: There is no limit to how many works you submit, as this depends on the medium chosen. However, all the works must be from the same project you are submitting.
Quality: All works need to be in high-quality 300 dpi or scanned at 300 dpi quality.
Videos/Films need a link to Youtube or Vimeo. If password protected, please provide the password.
We will consider work by non-Middle Eastern – Arab artists if their work fits into the theme.

Mediums Accepted:
Paintings, Graphic Design, Doodles, Sketchbooks, Photography, Illustrations, Film, Sound, Performance, Sculpture, Zines, Poetry, Short stories/essays, and anything else creative is accepted.

Previously published/exhibited works are accepted.
Reconnecting Arts is open to ideas/concepts being sent to us, but the work must be finished 1 month before the outcome.

The outcome will be a variety of opportunities throughout 2018.

31ST MARCH 2018.


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